1. Rockwell Automation.

There aim is to improve our quality of life through making our world more productive and sustainable. They are committed
to creating future generations of intelligent manufacturing. With the right approach, skilled staff, and them huge financial strength, they are committed to delivering the best value to our customers.

If your investment is into Rockwell Automation technology and solutions put your money into creating the new future for manufacturing.

rockwell automation

2. Recom Power.

In the latter half of the 1970s RECOM realized that the current trend of switching power supplies off the shelf
was to be closely followed by modular DC/DC converters. RECOM actively contributed to shaping this direction from the start
and is now expanding its reach within the power supplies AC and DC sector with power capacities ranging from to 10s of kW.


3. SynQor.

SynQor is one of the top provider of power conversion solutions for the industrial, military railway shipping, commercial, avionics telecom/datacom and medical markets. SynQor’s products are developed to exceed the rigorous performance quality, reliability, and quality demands of today’s power electronics experts and system integrators who create cutting-edge infrastructure hardware.


4. TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

TDK-Lambda Corporation, which is a affiliate that is part of TDK Corporation, is a worldwide supplier and acknowledged the leader in

power conversion solutions that are suitable for many different applications such as industrial, medical broadcast, defense manufacturing automation, and LED/LCD signage.

With global sales of more than of $500 million, they own manufacturing, design and sales facilities across five (5) important

geographic regions: Japan, China, EMEA, ASEAN, and the Americas. The TDK-Lambda view is that a “Power Source” can be more that

just the electronic component. The Power Supply is at it is the “heart” of the systems we provide to our customers

and the most important element of security and reliability. This is why they help our customers throughout all phases of the lifecycle

the creation of the product (design-in help, EMC, standards, safety certification) and introduction (speed logistics, speed) as well as expansion

support). they track record of providing reliable and ingenuous power products is what has given us the status of being a respected company of the highest quality.

they vast product line includes more than 6,000 models. These include the range that ranges from 1.5W to 100kW AC-DC power

supply as well as High Voltage power supply DC-DC converters, Programmable DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies as well as electronic loads

that are programmed. EMC/EMI noise filtering. All of our global locations can be ISO 9001, ISO 13485 as well as ISO 14001 certified.


5. Traco Power.

They make more than a claim. The reliability, availability and flexibility are part of our DNA. This is not just a matter of our products, but also to the collaboration with our customers as well. They look eagerly to show this in their interactions with you. 120 employees across Switzerland, Germany, France, Ireland and the USA. Worldwide distribution network , including local warehouses. Portfolio that includes more than 5000 standard stocks items.Our team of innovative design and construction engineers provides quick efficient and cost-effective solutions specifically tailored to the specifications of your particular application

traco power

6. Tycon Systems Inc.

Tycon Systems was founded in 2008 with the mission to lead the development of technology solutions for information access all over the world. With a passion for knowledge and ingenuity, they are focused on providing the necessary tools to help propel customers and partners in the Tycon community of customers and partners towards the future of their dreams with quality as well as reliability and long-term sustainability of our products and services.

they create and produce fully-integrated remote power system using wind and solar energy (RemotePro(r)) and and outdoors UPS (UPSPro(r)) systems and accessories that include a variety of exclusive PoE and power conversion equipment. they also create unique wireless products like high-speed broadband point-to-point wireless base stations and bridges, including access points as well as client side radios


7. Vicor Power.

Vicor is the market leader for power modules with high performance that enable customer-driven innovation through modular power system solutions that are easy to deploy for power distribution networks that offer the highest efficiency and density from the point of load to the source. We constantly improve the efficiency, density as well as power distribution capabilities for our modules, by remaining in the leading edge of distribution systems as well as conversion topologies and packaging technologies. Vicor provides customers with high-performance and enterprise computing as well as industrial automation and equipment, robotics, UAVs, vehicles and satellites for transportation, defense and aerospace.


8. XP Power.

Being one of leading suppliers for power conversion solutions they make sure that vital electronic and electrical equipment is powered

as securely efficiently and effectively as they can. With a broad and flexible portfolio, backed by flawless service throughout the

lifecycle of the product we make sure that crucial electronic and electrical equipment is running as safely as efficiently, effectively

and reliably as is possible. The increasing usage technology is transforming the way that people around the globe live, work and

interact. From medical tools to Industrial 4.0 devices them global reach and knowledge will help you gain an advantage.

They are committed to meeting the highest standards of quality and safety in the world.


9. Bel Fuse.

In 1949, the company was founded. Bel creates, produces and sells a wide range items that help power, shield as well as connect circuits to electronic devices. With more than 70 years’ experience Bel consistently demonstrated the capability to be successful in a myriad of areas.

Bel, they are aware of the impact climate change has on our lives. Bel they  understand the impacts of climate change on every aspect of life and the future of our species. they are committed to reducing our environmental footprint in order to create a more sustainable future. is unchanging. they constantly look at ways to improve the ways Bel operates through large and small adjustments to improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities and products and all the way to our daily consumption habits for water and electricity. 


10. Artesyn Embedded Technologies.

products allow customers to innovate through complex applications in various industries, including semiconductor equipment

manufacturing, industrial telecoms and data center computing and medical. With extensive knowledge of applications as well as a

fast service and support all over the world they create collaborative partnerships to address the rapid advancements in technology

drive expansion for our customers and create how power can be used in the near future.


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