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The race between humans and technology is unstoppable. The latest updates in AI tools are giving tough competition to the human mind. Catching up with this technology is necessary to withstand the technological world. Every day, technology is introducing new features and apps to assist humans.

1. Fame Of ChatGPT

ChatGPT Generative Pre-trained transformer is an AI tool introduced by OPen AI and backed up by Microsoft in November. Since its launch, it has kept making hype in the technological world. A few latest controversies are following.

Top-rated browser Opera updated to blend with ChatGPT by adding a feature of an AI tool in the bar to summarize the web results automatically. In addition, access to ChatGPT in the Opera browser will get 100 million daily users by the end of January.

Google introduced its chatbot named “Bard” as an opponent of ChatGPT. However, it lost $100 billion on its first demo over realistic errors.

Microsoft supports Chat GPT by fusing it with the Microsoft search engine “bing” The company states that this bing version will deliver limited live answers to searches, and the chatbot will be available for further assistance. In conclusion, it was a multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment. And that this new product would give google a hard time.

China’s Capital, Beijing economy and informative bureau, stated on Feb 13, 2023, that the City would invest in supreme technical industries to build AI models competing with ChatGPT after its fanfare.

The Jaw-dropping performance of ChatGPT on the US licensing exam made it hit another milestone in medical maturation as it scored similarly to human efficiency with the accurate response.

Reddit thinks the ChatGPT AI tool is still new and under observation. It must be good but cannot compete with human efficiency as its tool is not genuine.

recent technologies news

2. Cracking Cryptocurrency

The era of Cryptocurrency keeps facing ups and downs, although US financial regulators expect that bitcoin might hit $25000 by the end of the year 2023.

The current value of bitcoin is 21,792 USD as BNB slumps by 6.5%. After analyzing crypto closely, the Security and exchange committee SEC in the US is ready to take intimidating action against Paxos, the emitter of BUSD stablecoin, as it suspects coin security.

Crypto wants to join hands with the banking sector to sound more reliable in the minds of Americans. Still, the financial institution regulators are pending it by stating that more regulated institutions should be a priority, although all memberships of crypto to join official banking networks are dropped.

The fluctuations in digital currency NFTs made Magic Eden (marketplace for Solana NFTs) dismiss 20 employees by addressing strategic goals that needed changes in the team.

The continuous losses of big investors in bitcoin make it a harsh winter in crypto, and crypto needs to adopt crystal clear lines in their applications to demonstrate people’s resources and build trust back.

Tezros’s ( Crypto-Centric Payment solution application) ecosystem offering direct trading, chatting, and storing crypto between clients brought revolutionary changes in the market.

cracking crypto

3. Streamline Meta, Yahoo, and Whatsapp

The updated outline of these top-notch applications with billion users struggling to manage their firms here are the recent announcements by companies.

Yahoo announced it cut off 20% of its workforce by the end of the week. The company states it is reconstructing its advertising unit. This action is taken after considering high-interest rates, inflation, and less demand.

A smaller layoff is expected from Facebook’s parent company META in mid of march due to unclear budget schemes for the coming time. Remember that META recently fired 13% of its workforce, making it the highest of all time.

Whatsapp, owned by META, updated avatar features for IOS people resembling Apple’s emoji to use as a profile picture.


4. Robot Casting by North American Companies

The advancement in the making of robots took a new hit by the end of 2022 as North American companies received orders with an increase of 11% from companies existing in Mexico, the US, and Canada. This development will have equal consequences on the labor force and inflation control. Furthermore, the new batteries and electric vehicle plants are being processed, demonstrating demand for the auto sector.

robot casting

5.AI Race Booming In South Korea

South Korea recently jumped into the competitive pool of technology to mark its name through the hardware AI chip ATOM. Rebellion’s startup introduced an AI chip with specific global tasks, stepping in AI tools. The founder mentioned winning this AI race as an open challenge to Nvidia Corp driving revolutionary AI technology with 86% power of the world’s most extensive cloud service.

ai atom

6. Triple Screen Brawny Laptop

DIY Perks, a YouTuber, has created an exciting laptop framework with a triple screen with adjustable heights. It is a perfect example for devotees to module this updated three-screened laptop according to their desk design. It is an open-source project, more like a portable computer than a laptop. It is built with one 4k 120hz panel and 2 iPad Retina and tangled with a stand system. Triple-screen laptops offer more space for screening graphs and charts simultaneously, which is valuable and appreciated.

triple-screen laptop

7. Security Software Update In KIA And Hyundai

The viral tik tok Kia- challenge has made a great fuss on social media. The thieves known as KIA-Boyz show how to hack KIA and Hyundai car systems with a single USB cable. This action led to increased car theft as the models from 2015-2019 lacked an electronic security system. As a result, these car companies are now introducing theft alarm software logic and ignition kills feature connected with the turn key to start additional security. Furthermore, KIA and Hyundai stated that around 3.8 million cars out of 8.3 million vehicles would get this software update free of charge.

kia and hyundai

8. First Beta Android Privacy Sandbox

Google launched the first beta Sandbox to access android privacy systems. A privacy sandbox is a set of tools for the arrangement of advertisements. Users can add targeted internet ads to their privacy sandbox. It creates new APIs that can track your customized activity across the apps. Beta privacy sandbox is similar to upcoming Google’s privacy sandbox for the web with a vision to enhance users’ privacy while supporting essential business facilities. 

privacy sandbox

9. Tesla’s Supercharging Plan

Tesla recently disclosed its upcoming EV charging network for non-tesla electric vehicles. Tesla charging officials tweeted that The company will ‘more than double’ its EV charging network in the US, according to the White House. This intelligent move will lead to billion-dollar federal funding for infrastructure plans. According to founder Elon musk, the new 7,500 charging stations will be planted by the end of 2024. 

tesla plan

10. New Windows 11 Updated Captions

Back then, in windows 11, the live captions on photos or videos were supported in English only. Still, new windows 11 is now translating audio and captions into other languages, like Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and different English dialects. In addition, Microsoft is also catching up with the latest snaps layouts. 

new windows 11

The booming performance of AI technology made a brilliant start to the year 2023. Similarly, a lot is on its way. AI tools assist in studies, codes, hacking, music, medicine, and more. Generating unique content with advanced tools makes things more leisurely, although where this will lead has yet to be defined. 

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