Top10 Freelance Websites In 2024

In search of finding the best freelance websites for earning? has got you covered. Welcome to the world of freelancing. Where you will find the top freelancing sites. Everyone desires to become a freelancer not only for its flexible working hours but also for earning a handsome amount more than an ordinary job.

You’re also one of them. Don’t worry, our team has created a list of the ten best it freelance sites from which you can earn without any risk. Choose according to your skills, and let’s start as freelancers.

List of 10 top freelancing sites for 2024 (upgraded List)

Explore our latest compilation of the top 10 best freelance platforms that empower individuals to connect and collaborate on diverse projects. A dynamic marketplace for freelancers and clients.
1. Fiverr
2. Upwork
3. Freelancer
4. PeoplePerHour
5. Guru
6. Toptal
7. 99designs
8. SimplyHired
9. Flexjobs
10. Dribbble

List of 10 Best Freelance Websites for Finding Online Work in 2024

1. Fiverr

The top choice of every freelancer is Fiverr because of its user-friendly advantage.  One of the top it freelance website and a popular freelance platform. Where freelancers can sell their services by making gigs. You can work on several projects, from website design to graphic design, content writing, and more. The website has 3.42 million active buyers and is known as a secure platform for transactions.

You can withdraw your earnings via easy payment methods like debit cards, PayPal, and Fiverr revenue cards. The Fiverr platform has an SSL certificate to ensure a protected method from work delivery to secure payment, and 24/7 customer support is readily available. The main problem is the 20% payment deduction per project and the 3% deduction on the withdrawal.


2. Upwork

Upwork is a top freelance website and  global freelance platform that brings clients and freelancers with different skill sets to one single platform. Like Fiverr, Upwork also has a scale commission structure, starting at 20% for the first $500 billed. Payment withdrawal systems are also similar via direct bank transfer, PayPal, etc.

The rule is simple: use Upwork. Create a profile aligned with your skills, perform a few tests, and start approaching different projects posted by clients. The good thing about this platform is that you can work part-time or full-time on any project. Keep checking the project catalog.


3. Freelancer was launched in 2004, and since then, it has been counted among the best IT freelance website. It is known as a global pool of professionals, including business owners and freelancers, collaborating on diverse projects.

Payment withdrawal options are wire transfer and PayPal, which is currently not available in Pakistan but will soon be launched. Like others, also deducts a 10% commission for contests and projects.

You can also test your skills by participating in contests and earning money and badges, which will attract more potential clients. Despite being the most popular and oldest freelance platform, has as many scam clients and fraud cases as any other platform.


4. People Per Hour

It’s easy to guess from the title: People Per Hour: A platform that connects businesses with desired freelancers for a project or on a working hour basis. Any freelancer can join this IT freelancing website by filling out an application that will be reviewed by a mediator and after approval, you can set up a profile, browse jobs, and send offers.

The working methodology is quite similar to that of other popular freelance platform. Also, you will be charged a service fee, which will decrease as earnings increase. Cash withdrawal invoices can be easily generated from the dashboard upon project completion.

people-pe- hour

5. Guru

Count among the most famous freelance platform connecting freelancers and companies. It’s simple to use Guru; clients post short-term or long-term jobs with fixed prices, and freelancers bid on projects. Then just complete the work and get your payment.

Payments can be withdrawn by PayPal or wire transfer. Don’t worry, your payment is secure with SafePay protection, which ensures timely payments. Your choice depends on whether you want a free basic membership or a paid plan with additional tools to enhance your profiles.


6. Toptal

Toptal is among the premier It freelance website only for expert freelancers. Because the platform connects the top 3% of industry experts with high-profile clients like Motorola and Airbnb.

Toptal ensures high-level quality work through a five-step screening process, including a language test, personality assessment, in-depth skills assessment, and a live interview. When all four steps have passed, the final step is a 1–3-week project-based test.

After that, freelancers can access various job postings, and payments are facilitated through services like Payoneer and PayPal. You can track payments via time tracking and invoices via TopTracker.


7. 99designs

99Designs is among the best freelance platform, but only for designers and businesses, as it offers a variety of design projects. You just have to create a profile defining your work experience and skills aligned to designing, and then your profile will be reviewed and a designer level will be allotted. The higher the level, the higher the earnings will be.

You will find a number of offers, like logo design, magazine design, book cover design, and more. The platform charges an introduction fee of $100 and a platform fee of 5% to 15%.  While freelancers receive payments through PayPal or Payoneer within three working days,.


8. SimplyHired

Count SimplyHired among the top freelance website. Also known as a hub of jobs, it collects job offers from various sources. It has an easy-to-use interface where you can also find freelance opportunities in fields like finance and marketing.

You need to sign up to access tools like a salary estimator and a resume builder. Whereas you can also visit the platform without a profile. The platform enhances job search with features like company pages containing employee reviews and benefits information.


9. Flexjobs

Flexjobs specializes in flexible and remote opportunities and all verified job listings. Its subscription plans start at $6.95/week and will provide access to job listings, a personalized work portfolio, career advice, and skills testing.

Like other freelance platforms, it also guarantees a scam-free environment and offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with payment through prepaid cards or PayPal.


10. Dribbble

Count Dribbble among the best freelance website—a creative hub for designers and artists. Premium users enjoy access to a job board with opportunities in UI/UX design and content creation. Its subscription plans start from $5 to $15/month, and premium accounts gain priority placement in hiring search listings.



It can be very difficult to choose the best freelance websites for your talents out of a sea of platforms. Explorers, do not be alarmed. This guide maps out the best freelancing websites for you, charting a course from bustling marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr to specialized havens like 99designs and Toptal.

Chance on your ideal professional haven by exploring the wide range of freelance platforms, regardless of your experience level. Therefore, take advantage of your skills and prove yourself in the lucrative freelance industry.

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