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Shutterstock enables users to generate their own AI Images in 2023

Shutterstock is a popular website for stock images and illustrations, now providing users access to create their own AI images. Shutterstock announced a partnership in October month with OpenAI, the startup behind the most popular and controversial DALL-E AI tool. Now its access is available to all Shutterstock paid customers, and outcomes of the agreement are undergoing beta testing.

This new technique of generating AI images is available in any language and includes clients’ existing licensing packages. Also, when you enter the text prompt into Shutterstock’s computer, it will generate four customized images as requested. At the bottom of the page, you will see suggested “AI-generated photos from the Shutterstock library.”

Datasets train every AI system, and for AI picture generators, humans, often artists, create datasets (images). Therefore, copyright cases have been filed against such AI art generators. AI is dragging inspiration from the natural and creative work of living individuals. But mostly, plagiarism is far more apparent in AI-produced material, and AI might lead to a theft crisis in the creative industries if not used carefully.

To avoid copyright claims, Shutterstock trains its DALL-E and LG EXAONE AI using licensed datasets. It will also pay artists whose work is used in the development of AI datasets by aiming to create a “Contributor Fund.” Guidelines warn users against using AI-created images as spam, false, misleading, or violent material by violating others’ rights and property