Gmail Goes Global: Google Introduces In-App Close Now

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Gmail Goes Global: Google Introduces In-App Translation for Android and iOS.

When using Gmail on a computer, you always have the ability to translate text. However, this convenient feature was noticeably absent from the mobile app.

Recognizing the widespread use of the app, Google has now introduced this translation feature for mobile users too. According to a recent blog post by Google, they are excited to bring a built-in translation feature within the Gmail mobile app.

This advancement allows smooth communication across various languages.

On a smartphone, click on “Translate” tap and select your desired language from the dismissible banner. Additionally, a helpful banner will popup if the language of a message differs from your chosen “Mail display language” in your account settings.

For instance, if your default language is Turkish and you receive an email in English, the Translate banner will pop up.

If you wish to turn off automatic translation for a particular language, you can do so through the settings menu. By accepting the prompt (“Don’t translate [language] again”) that appears when you dismiss the banner, or by selecting it from the translation settings menu.

This feature is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. For Android users, the feature is gradually rolling out and might take up to 15 days to appear. iOS’s users can expect the feature to be available starting August 21, with a similar potential delay of up to 15 days.

This valuable tool is open to all Google Workspace customers as well as individuals with personal Google Accounts.