Amazon Launches AI-Generated Close Now

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Amazon Launches AI-Generated Product Review Summaries.

Goodbye to long reviews, you can now save time by reading a short and concise product review.

Amazon has introduced a new AI feature that summarizes product reviews. This tool was initially available to some mobile shoppers in the U.S. for various products. The AI system creates a short paragraph that captures the main points from customer feedback.

Amazon had been testing this tool for a long time and now it’s being officially rolled out. The purpose of this AI-generated summary is to help shoppers quickly understand what customers generally like or dislike. It’s kind of like the short summaries you see on movie review websites like Rotten Tomatoes.

For example, Amazon shared a review summary of a digital device highlighting its positive points regarding stability, speed, and ease of use.

After the summary, there are clickable tags that show the main themes and common words from reviews. Clicking on a tag takes you to reviews that talk about that specific theme.

However, there are concerns about fake reviews on Amazon. The company says it blocked millions of suspicious reviews in the past, but some fake reviews might still slip through.

There’s also a question of whether AI-generated fake reviews could be harder to detect than those written by humans.

To address this, Amazon plans to use this summarization tool only for verified purchases and employ AI to spot fake reviews. They also have human investigators to look into cases when necessary.

In short, Amazon has launched AI-generated review summaries which are based on trusted reviews of products from verified buyers, helping customers to get a quick idea of customer opinions.