Vivo Phone Drone Camera in 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, mobile phones have witnessed remarkable advancements, such as multiple cameras and foldable screens. However, there is an extraordinary concept that has yet to become mainstream—the flying camera phone.

Vivo, a leading smartphone manufacturer, has taken a step towards this futuristic idea by developing a functioning prototype. The Vivo Phone Drone Camera features a small quadcopter that detaches from the phone, allowing it to fly independently and capture captivating images and videos from unique angles.

This innovative concept has sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts. While other smartphone manufacturers have explored similar ideas in the past, the Vivo Phone Drone Camera shows great promise, thanks to its impressive technology.

Get ready to witness the groundbreaking innovation from Vivo.


Recently, a prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturer named Vivo made headlines by filing a patent for a groundbreaking device—an innovative drone-like flying camera smartphone.

The Vivo phone drone camera smartphone showcases a unique design, incorporating a concealed camera system with dual cameras housed in an additional compartment. Notably, the device is equipped with three infrared sensors, four propellers, and an extra battery, ensuring a prolonged and immersive experience.

This device’s detachable flying camera is its most notable feature. With the camera popping out from the bottom of the phone and detaching from the mounting bracket that also serves as an integrated fingerprint sensor, it gains the capability to take flight into the air, opening up new possibilities for capturing stunning aerial shots and videos.

vivo phone drone camera

Features And Specifications of The Vivo Drone Camera Phone

Design and Material

The Vivo New Phone Drone Camera has a stylish design with a glass front panel, a glass back, and aluminum sides. It is slim and lightweight, weighing 228 grams, and comes in white, black, and grey colors.

Operating System

The smartphone operates by the most recent 12th version of Android, which provides a smooth and user-friendly experience.


It comes up with the 6.9-inch Super AMOLED screen of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone has a resolution of 3100 x 1440 pixels. It has high pixel density and supports HD+ capabilities for sharp and vibrant visuals.


The smartphone system is powered by the Snapdragon 898 5G system on a chip (SoC). It has a powerful octa-core CPU with 2 x 2.0 GHz and 6 x 1.8 GHz speeds, providing fast and responsive performance. A G58 MC3 GPU is also included in the phone for dynamic graphics.

RAM and Storage

The Vivo Drone Camera Phone has a generous 12 GB of RAM, allowing for multitasking and smooth app performance. It has an inbuilt storage capacity of 128 or 256 GB, and you may add more with a memory card.

Sensors and Cameras

For an outstanding user experience, the phone has a number of sensors, including an accelerometer, fingerprint sensor, gyro sensor, compass, and proximity sensor. It has an amazing camera configuration with its rear drone camera, wide-angle, macro, ultrawide-angle, panoramic, HDR, LED flash, portrait mode, time-lapse mode, and slow-motion mode. For high-quality portraits and selfies, the front-facing camera offers a 64 MP resolution and HDR capabilities.

vivo phone drone camera

Battery and Charging

The smartphone has a powerful 6900 mAh battery that lasts all day. It supports fast charging, enabling you to swiftly recharge as necessary.

Security Features

For safeguarding your device and data from unauthorized access, the phone provides touch and facial identification security technologies.  


For smooth connectivity, the vivo phone drone camera supports 5G, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, and NFC. It also has dual SIM card slots, enabling you to use two phone numbers on one device.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price in Pakistan 2024

The newly launched Vivo Drone Camera smartphone is expected to be priced between Rs. 195,000 and Rs. 207,999 in Pakistan, according to various sources. This pricing range provides an estimate of the cost of the device in the Pakistani market. Please note that prices may vary depending on factors such as location, retailer, and any additional offers or promotions available. It is advised to verify with nearby retailers or Vivo’s official website for exact and current pricing information.


When considering a flying camera phone like the Vivo Drone Camera Phone, it’s essential to acknowledge potential drawbacks. The safety of the flying camera itself is one of the main issues. There is a possibility of collisions with objects or people, which could result in harm. To address this, Vivo would need to implement robust safety protocols to ensure that the camera remains under control and doesn’t pose any risks to individuals or property.

The flying camera’s battery life is another crucial thing to take into account. The camera needs to be able to fly for a large length of time in order to be genuinely helpful. However, it remains uncertain how Vivo would manage to achieve a long-lasting battery for the flying camera. Additionally, a system would also need to be in place to guarantee the safe return of the phone when the battery needs to be recharged or when it’s time for recharging.

However, the primary concern for many buyers is the price of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone. It’s important to note that this could be seen as a high price point. However, considering that the Vivo Drone Camera Phone is a unique and innovative device, the higher cost may be justified by its groundbreaking features.

Final Words  

The Vivo Phone Drone Camera sparked interest after the company filed a patent for a flying camera phone. It’s crucial to remember that obtaining a patent does not ensure the release of the phone.

If Vivo successfully overcomes the development challenges, this phone could be a game-changer for the company. It is a cutting-edge smartphone that provides an exceptional user experience thanks to its potent hardware, innovative software, and outstanding camera setup. It is appropriate for seasoned photographers, videographers, and anyone who values excellent images. For individuals looking for a top-of-the-line smartphone, this gadget is very attractive due to its sleek shape, cutting-edge capabilities, and reasonable pricing.

Many are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to try out this innovative flying Vivo phone drone camera. It promises to bring a new level of excitement and possibilities to mobile photography.

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