The 10 Best Latest Useful Apps in 2023

Productivity keeps pushing us to betterment. It is a source towards progress and prosperity. Since we are trapped in the era of tech where clicks are commands, and AI is an alternative human, Productivity is more than usual with useful apps. 

 We can access unlimited applications and softwares that turn our ideas into practical plans. These apps are helpful in all sectors. It helps students, workers, and employees and is easily accessible. 

Best Apps For Productivity

Following are the top apps in the world to boost productivity. All of these webs and applications are most useful apps for students, workers, teachers, business mans and more. 

1. Todoist

Todoist is a managing and useful app that schedules appointments and meetings itself. It deals with organizations and collaborations with other clients and people to assign tasks and casual meetups. It has basic and premium versions available at different prices, which helps you be more productive than usual todoist save time and effort.


2. Google Docs

Google docs are one of the excellent documentation apps for students and workers. It helps you edit, write, and research data and files online, keeping them safe in an online tub. Google docs have various templates according to your assignment or task.

google docs

 You can share the link of the documents with manageable access; commenting option is also available for highlighting errors or suggestions on any text. It makes things and documents process easier and quicker. Sending documents back to forth free of cost is possible through google. It is a beneficial tool for writing papers with appropriate privacy settings. Google docs is one of the most useful apps.

3. Calendly

Calendly is a software to schedule meetings. It is a top useful app as it manages different times with specific minutes according to your availability and shares its link with your clients to set up appointments automatically. It is a friendly app with less time consumption and is efficient. It has a basic, premium, and Pro plan, around $8 to 12 per month. You only need to download the app, register yourself, and scan it with your calendar.


4. Trello

Trello is a web-based application or software for multiple task deadlines, reminders, and more. It has an attractive board card format that lets users make and attach a card to the board. You can create as many boards as you want. Millions of users trust it as it is flexible in prices and works in 21 languages.


It works on various operating systems and brings your task and team together with list cards and multiple projects, either considerably small projects or brainstorming. Everything is possible on Trello. Its users have free, standard, premium, and Enterprise plans. It is a bunch of Productivity and one of the top useful apps.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is a storage app that stores files, data, assignments, and tasks in the most secure way. Google launched Google Drive and it is one of the top apps in the world, so it connects with Google calendar and Dropbox. Google Drive has one drive for multiple task operations at the same time. Its storage system is holding, and the security system makes it superior to other productive ones. It takes intelligent moves to consume less time. Google Drive also supports sharing files free of cost.

google drive

6. Brain. fm

Brain. Fm is a musically designed app for humans. The fact music is a brain therapy is undeniable music helps the brain to enhance focus, meditation and relaxation. It also helps with sleeping. People like to entertain themselves with specific pieces according to their mood. It is an app designed with various options according to your casual manner. It is free to download but costs $7 for Pro versions. Brain FM assists in a tight schedule to relax.

brain fm

7. Hive

High is an all-rounder useful app with multiple tasks. It connects with the to-do list, calendars, and reminders automatically to progress on upcoming plans. It has various application features for projects and personal work it helps in project management. It is free to download but costs $12/month to work with high teams. Hive is a trending, productive tool for improving work management and communication.


8. Slack

Slack is a virtual communication tool. It is similar to instant messaging new apps that respond immediately, like a chat tool. You can manage group conversations or individual conversations with specific hashtags to search on. It is available for both mobile and desktop, and it is free for basic, but it costs updated versions with maximum features it helps you to assist clients quickly.


9. Internxt

It is a security app for sensitive files. The decentralized network lets you share your documents, pictures, and ledgers. It is an open-source commenting zero-knowledge technology. It only allows its user to access the data. It has three services for storage: its premium plan starts from 0.89 Euro per month. People in business and companies mostly use it to secure their sensitive data in cloud storage.


10. Chanty

Chanty is one of the new apps for chatting. How about calling and talking despite writing? You can use this app to organize audio, video, and contact meetings. You can manage Chanty even through a text message. It is a very flexible way to execute your plans; you can share screens and discuss your project, which makes things go smoother and quicker.


It costs nothing for the basic version, which is up to 10 members, but it costs $3 per month for the business version. It is available on operating systems like IOS and Android Mac window desktops. Chanty makes itself one of the best productivity apps. 

All the productive apps help humans to overcome stress and manage time to relax. However, Productivity connects with humans. All these apps are the resources to be more efficient and innovative. We are supposed to work smarter, not to challenge, and these apps have been 100% productive and will get you maximum outcomes from students to employees. Everyone must use these effective apps to plan and progress more feasible.

We have listed some top apps for studying and productivity for high-schoolers!

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