Everyone must have seen or heard about the new Twitter X, a current hot topic across all social media platforms. Unless you are living under a rock, you must have seen the new Twitter logo X. According to Musk, This rebranding is way more than just a name change, and this might be the most significant transformation in the history of this app.

The Rebrands of Twitter as X comes as no surprise to those who follow Elon Musk on social media as he had already teased the transformation of Twitter into a platform that does way more than text-based updates. Twitter has now merged with X Corp, which is a shell company; the owner has also claimed that Twitter will act as an accelerant to X

Ever since Musk acquired the ownership of Twitter, he has always talked about transforming the app into something way beyond just a microblogging platform – “An everything app,” As Musk said. The owner of the platform, Elon Musk, recently said that Twitter was bought by X corp to promote freedom of speech and get one step closer to creating X

Where does X come from?

It is said that Elon Musk has a personal liking for the letter X. The Billionaire first created a car called Tesla Model X, then named his company SpaceX and also called his son X. Back when Musk started a financial holdings company – Zip2 that was later morphed into Paypal, it turned out that Musk wanted this startup to be named X.com, for which he got ousted from the company. It is reported that Musk bought Twitter X Corp to fulfill his aim in 1999 and build the Everything app he had always dreamed of.

Why the Rebrand?

Elon Musk plans on creating Twitter X, a super-app based on China’s WeChat that will take the social media platform one step further from where it currently stands, enabling users to do a whole lot more than just share photos and videos on the app. Elon Rebrands Twitter as X to create a powerful platform that will be a hub of endless interactivity. Elon Musk also stated that Twitter X will jump-start the process of creating X instead of building an app from scratch.

What is a Super App?

Many people might not even have heard about a super app before Elon had started talking about it in recent years. A super app is basically a platform that contains all the major services like a messaging platform, photo and video sharing services, video games, banking, food delivery, and everything that you might require in your daily life.

A new Super App arises.

Twitter X Corp would not be the first app to give a little of everything in one app. The renowned Chinese app “WeChat” is owned by the Tech giant Tencent. WeChat contains everything from banking and shopping to messaging that one would require to go about their routine life. As Elon Musk once said, you basically live off of WeChat if you are in China, as it makes your daily life so much easier.

Elon Musk aims to create Twitter X, a super app based outside of China that would enable users to get all their things done in one place. The billionaire has planned of Rebranding Twitter as X which will be a revolutionary change for both the company and the people. Musk said that if Twitter X could achieve what WeChat is, it would be an immense success and would drastically change how things work.

As Elon Musk has said before, Twitter X will be a financial hub and will give rise to brand new opportunities restructuring how the world currently operates. Twitter X Corp will contain countless features, from watching videos, listening to videos, and shopping.

What will be the hurdles for the X app?

Twitter X can surely face a lot of challenges if it begins as a super app, most of which are created by Elon Musk himself. It is said that many people would not like to tweet on an app where they pay their bills and shop. Apart from that, people have also lost trust in Elon after the chaos in the past year. This loss of faith does not just come from the general public and users of Twitter alone. Many people are quite upset about what has happened to Twitter, which will be a setback in getting advertisers and developers to work on Twitter X’s mini-apps.

Apart from that, Elon is well known for privacy and security issues during the ownership of Twitter, which can also be a significant drawback for users trusting Twitter X Corp. The app can also be a flop if users fail to understand the interface and find it confusing. Twitter X is also facing heavy competition due to the new Meta Threads app

Twitter X can also struggle due to investments in staff and infrastructure as Twitter X Corp is heavily short-staffed at the moment as Elon Musk fired three-quarters of the team and is also facing multiple lawsuits. It is said that in order to make Twitter X an everything app, great investments, probably more than $40 Billion in cloud infrastructure, are required.

How the X app will be beneficial for X corp?

Using the Twitter X, X corp can excessively flourish in the long-term by attracting potential subscribers and including features like shopping which can generate a stable revenue stream avoiding relying on big companies to spend money. Twitter X Corp is pretty much a gamble at this time as it is unsure whether the app will work or not, but we sure can expect great things from the app.

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