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10 Mind Blowing AI Websites You Should Try in 2024

Top AI websites have revolutionized how things used to work in the past few years and have transformed how we used to live and work before. Apart from AI assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, online AI websites have also taken the world by storm, making everyday tasks a lot easier. The internet is flooded with a tonne of free AI websites, which can be pretty overwhelming for an ordinary person to choose the best AI sites, which is why we have done the hard work for you and have summarized a list of all AI websites that you can use to ease up your life

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the artificial intelligence website that took the internet by storm in January 2024. Everyone on the internet must be familiar with the name “ChatGPT” out of all AI websites, unless you have been living under a rock this whole time.ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is a leading AI site. It’s a potent chatbot that understands human language. It provides information from diverse sources. The only drawback of this top AI website is that the information is limited to 2021, meaning that it can not provide information regarding ongoing trends and current events

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2. MidJourney

MidJourney is a top AI site that is a powerful text-to-image generator that can create eye-catching and elegant digital art from a single prompt. The top AI site is incredibly user-friendly; you can use it on the MidJourney website or the MidJourney Discord server. Prompt the bot using the /imagine command. This artificial intelligence website creates various images based on your prompt and can be used to create backgrounds, designs, realistic photographs, logos, and 3D illustrations. The online AI website is still under development and is paid, but it is available for a free trial.

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Mid Journey

3. Google Bard

Google Bard is yet another online AI website that is a capable chatbot similar to ChatGPT. It has all the latest information and constantly updates on new trends and events worldwide, which is advantageous. This free AI website can provide substantial results regarding all your queries in a human-like language that is easy to understand. This artificial intelligence website is limitless, meaning that you can perform a wide range of tasks using this AI chatbot, ranging from developing new ideas about anything to researching a specific topic.

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Google Bard

4. Colormind

Colormind is one of the best AI sites for designers because it lets them create various color combinations based on the user’s input. This free AI website allows designers to create new color palettes using its algorithms, which helps designers create eye-catching and intriguing color schemes with ease.

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5. Quillbot

QuillBot is a top AI website that is perfect for anyone who struggles to phrase their text and has difficulty writing. This free AI website lets users paraphrase and rewrite any given text, including various options like synonyms, grammar checks, and many more. QuillBot allows you to rephrase text up to a certain limit while using the free version, but if you use the premium version, you can paraphrase a considerable amount of text.

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DALL-E is one of the best AI websites that is similar to MidJourney. This allows users to create stunning digital art using a simple text prompt. This free AI website offers users 50 search credits at the start, after which they receive 15 search credits every month. Each search costs one search credit that generates four images after the given prompt. This online AI website is a fantastic tool for designers, allowing them to create original and elegant photos without having to spend hours designing them

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7. Tome

Tome is a top AI site that is a godsend for students and anyone else. They have to spend hours designing their presentations. This is a powerful, free AI website. Users create a presentation in a matter of a few minutes, including immersive images, well-written text, etc.  On this artificial intelligence website, users receive 500 credits upon signing up, and each presentation costs 15 credits. Users can also get free credits by inviting people using the referral link. It will give you 100 credits for every new sign-up.

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8. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is one of the best AI sites. That lets users improve the quality of their blurry and distorted photos with the ease of just a few clicks. This free AI website uses top-notch image processing algorithms that turn low-res images into high-quality, clear, and sharp images. Designers and individuals weary of spending hours fixing blurry images can find a quick solution on this online AI website.

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Let’s Enhance

9. Rytr

Rytr is a top AI site and an AI writing assistant that offers users this facility. It creates engaging content ranging from website pages to product descriptions and Instagram captions. Copywriters, marketers, and students widely use this artificial intelligence website to generate content regarding any topic. The best thing about this online AI website is that it generates unique content.  That seems pretty similar to that of a human.

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10. Semantris

Google developed Semantris, a free AI website.The word semantris comes from the combination of “semantics”’ and “tetris”.

This leading AI website merges machine learning-driven word association games, enhancing its ability to predict and generate words dynamically. Semantris offers the most enjoyable way to enhance vocabulary among all AI websites, making learning fun.


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