The Robot industry is evolving rapidly with the great force of artificial intelligence. Companies are using technology with maximum profit and high returns on investment. Research and production of robots have been under manufacturing for the last two decades, but a significant change and innovation in this sector occurred recently during the pandemic. 

The production of robots is the best use of technology. Robots serve in all departments like the kitchen, cars, cleaning, working, and more. Around 3 million industrial robots are working in the factories. Along with this, the auto, Healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries utilize the maximum number of robots for their production. This increased requirement for robots in the working sector has established many automation industries. Robots are a mixture of computer science, electronics, mechanics engineering, artificial intelligence, information technology, and more to perform jobs that are complex for humans. The following are the top 10 Robotics automation companies in the world.

1. KUKA 

KUKA Is a German industrial robot manufacturer. It is a top-rated supplier of intelligent robot systems of Engineering and driving digitization. It produces robots for Appliances, Automotive, Aerospace, logistics, Medical care, Plastic, Consumer goods, and other sectors. KUKA developed robots with machine handling and learning, material loading, packaging, bending, joining, and more. It also provides application software and Controller System to optimize and plan tasks accordingly. The essential products of KUKA company are KUKA industrial robots, KUKA robot controllers, KUKA robot Periphery, KUKA ready2_use, KUKA education, KR70 LP laser cutting gantry, and much more.


2. ABB Robotics

Abb robotic is one of the best mechanical and machine automation companies. It produces a wide range of automation tools and valuable softwares advocates in more than 50 countries with approximately 11000 employees. Its portfolio contains robots and controllers with collaborative robots, Delta robots, paint robots, Scara robots, controllers, autonomous mobile robots, articulated robots, equipment, and accessories. Regarding softwares and digital, it provides application software, connected services, robot control mate, robot studio, and Wizard easy programming. At the same time, the solution contains OmniVance Application cells application, functional modules, and machine automation solutions. It serves in the industry of Automotive, construction, electronics, education, logistics, Healthcare, metal fabrication, and more. It helps to improve efficiency and productivity by up to 97% by transforming robotic systems in the environment.


3. Denso Robotics

Then so is a leading manufacturer of Automotive parts. It is well known for its design and manufacturing of industrial robot arms. More than 143000 danso robots work in manufacturing companies worldwide it’s main products include 4-axis Robots,5- and 6-Axis Robots, Cobotta, Pharmaceutical/Medical Robots, Controllers, Integrated Robots, Accessories, and softwares. All the robots are specialized in specific jobs. Denso is an expert in creating small and efficient robots.


4. Fanuc

Fanuc is one of the most developed robotic networks; it provides IOT and Robo machines with High-Quality Services. It innovates, reassures, and manufactures the best robots in the world. The FA products include the CNC series, Servo Motor, and the Servo amplifier, laser. Robot products are FANUC Robot CRX series, FANUC Robot CR-4iA, CR-7iA, 14iA, FANUC Robot CR-15iA, FANUC Robot CR-35iB, FANUC Robot CR-35iA while Robo machine products contain Robodrill, Roboshot, Robocut. It proves to be the leading robotic company.


5. iRobot

It is an American corporation that develops consumer robots based on artificial intelligence and designs reports for space exploration and military defense. iRobot contains a category of vacuums and mops, air purifiers, accessories, and more consumer tools. Its popular product includes Roomba® Robot Vacuums, iRobot® Bundles, Aeris by iRobot Air Purifiers, iRobot® Handheld Vacuum, Braava jet® Robot Mops, and more. It contains various payment methods for its customer flexibility.


6. Kawasaki Robotics

It is a robot manufacturing company based in Germany. It provides service-based flexible robots. Its products are divided into robot controllers, stimulation, vision systems, programming tools, and more. The robot category includes small to medium payload robots, giant payload robots, dual arm collaborative robots, palletizing robots, picking robots, arc welding robots, Medical and pharmaceutical robots, explosion-proof painting robots, and wafer transfer robots. The controllers are explosion-proof, F and E controllers with different manual functions. Kawasaki Robotics is running errands through robots with perfection.


7. Nvidia

Nvidia Robotics focuses on robot manipulation, physics-based stimulation, and perception. It is developing solutions with the least cost for the complex program. It produces a robotic ecosystem with categories of sensors, AI robots, software, robot computers, management, and more. It trains to stimulate, develop and then deploy. It builds autonomous robots like Nova Orin, Jetson, Isaac ROS GEMs, DeepStream SDK, and Riva. Nvidia is an accelerated platform for Robotics and AI. 


8. Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies is known for mobile computing, product information, solution, barcode printers, and recently acquired fetech robotics. This collaboration works for the adaptation of flexible automation through AMRs and cloud-based robotic platforms. It is working to connect people and bots with data and technology to produce smooth workflow management. It also makes wearable computers, printing supplies, softwares, environmental sensors, and more. It is on its way to delivering the best automation robotic intelligence with a vision to facilitate humans.


9. Universal Robot Technology

It is one of the most incredible robotic industries providing collaborative robots that are easy to train. It covers Automotive and subcontractors electronics and technology, mechanism and machines, food and beverages, plastic, education, Sciences, cosmetics, and many other industries. Its main products include UR3e Robot, UR5e Robot, UR10e Robot, UR16e Robot, UR20 Robot, UR+ Products, and PolyScope. It is working to innovate industries to approach extensive production with less investment.


10. Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is an American robotic company with a mission to create exceptional robots. Producing spot and stretch products like a scout, arms, payload, extra, and partners is very progressive. It also provides solutions related to AI and IT, like inspection, asset management, construction, manufacturing, power and utilities, warehouse automation, public safety, and more. It works with proper research and resources to allocate technology correctly.


All these robotic companies are on track to creating efficient robots to facilitate humans and a sustainable environment. Also, the increase of robots is decreasing the employment rate by the visible gap on the economic scale. But the fact is that these robotic firms are doing a great job of lessening the burdens of humans. These all are the top-rated top-notch robotic industries in the world, giving their best for humans with the power of technology and artificial intelligence.

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