Technology is assisting humans in every sector. The recent adaptation of technology to better the environment sounds profitable to the planet. The rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is leading to different climate crises. This rise in Greenhouse gasses is the biggest cause of climate change. Technology is bringing a new way to predict the climatic crisis and prepare beforehand. It is also assisting in reducing current emissions of gasses and global warming. Climate change is a serious and dangerous problem that puts the lives of humans at risk.

climate change

What is climate change?

The climate is the long-term pattern of weather changes in an area that can change from hour to day and month to year. In addition, the change of weather patterns or long-term shapes in temperature is referred to as climatic change. It could be natural or caused by variations in the Solar cycle, whereas human activities also regulate climate change. Rising temperatures driving Tropical Storms brought are the major examples of climate change. 

the climate change

Main Causes Of Climate Change

The increase of greenhouse gasses and global warming are the basic causes of climate change following are the few mean activities that produce such gasses and impacts the environment.

  • Burning Fossil Fuels

Burning fossil fuels is made of rich carbon deposits released from industries. It is a non-renewable energy.

  • Transportation 

The gasses of vehicles add up to pollution in the air. The increase in pollution is destroying the atmosphere with a great amount of carbon gasses. 

  • Lack of Forestation 

Cutting down forests is the biggest cause of global warming. The heat directly hits the land and produces heat in layers of the earth which results in the gasses. Alongside the excess amount of carbon dioxide is present in the atmosphere as there are no trees to consume.

  • Huge amount of consumption 

The growing population is resulting in more production and consumption. This huge amount of consumption is leading to different types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, plastic wastage, noise pollution, land pollution and more, and it pollutes the planet.

  • Building and Manufacturing 

The people are cleaning forests and plains to build building industries. These infrastructures add to global warming. The waste and gasses from the manufacturing industries are released into the air polluting the world.

cause of climate change

Technological Solutions To The Climate Change

Technology is working to produce a perfect solution to this Global problem. It has already shown its progress through brilliant ideas and applications to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The following are the best climate Technology ways to overcome Rising emissions. 

climate change technology

Renewable Technological Resources 

It is one of the best environmental technology. It is known as Clean Energy, associated with the heat of Sunlight, wind waves, rain, and natural things. Renewable technology suggests the use of solar panels, wind, and water turbines as it is always natural energy and converted into electricity to run devices; most of the developed countries are using renewable energy to reduce their additional expenses and greenhouse emissions.

renewable technologies

Smart Technologies

The internet of things is a form of smart technology for environmental adaptation. It includes Smart home Technology like sensors and appliances connected with the application on your smartphone to monitor the usage of energy and stop it at unrequired times. You can connect this environmental technology with your home’s air conditioners, refrigerators, lights and more through smartphone and Wi-Fi.

smart technologies

Electric Transportation

The improvement of technology in the automotive sector is leading electric transportation, which is the biggest cause in reducing greenhouse gasses and submissions as electric vehicles store energy in rechargeable batteries and decrease pollution. In addition, electric vehicles do not consume fuel which is a way to decrease additional expenses. Electric transportation is way cheaper and more effective in adapting to a better climate.

electric transporation

Tool To Monitor 

Artificial intelligence has developed many softwares and applications to record gas emissions in the atmosphere. This application helps to monitor greenhouse gas emissions. They are connected with the machinery in the industries to record accurate measurements of Co2 and ch4. Furthermore, different kinds of sensors are attached to monitor the release of other gasses in the environment.

traffic monitor

The Future Of Climate Change Technology

Looking at the current progress of this technology assisting with reducing carbon dioxide, Methane, and other hydrocarbon gasses from the planet is useful. In contrast, this development is still in process and needs more resources to innovate and make visible changes around the globe. Climate change technology is becoming an important way to fight against climate change; the monitoring applications for climatic change help to identify sources of emission gasses and stop them from causing more damage to the planet.

future of climate technologies


Climate change and technologies are progressing effectively. It has already started to monitor and measure the precise amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and its resources. It has further maintained different applications to keep track of reducing the releases of gasses to the lowest amount or generating any alternative energy. These strategies are yet newly evolving, but they are a way to achieve a better green earth.

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