The technology revolution brought unexpected changes, yet people need to be updated about the latest inventions and changes in the Tech world to keep up with this Technology. The Unstoppable and undeniable approaches of Technology to the human world in all sectors, from business to food, are evolving massively. Many informative sites and apps provide news about the Tech world’s updates. If you want the world’s best tech news app, follow or download the apps listed below. These applications contain detailed updates and inventions from the world of Technology. Here are the top 10 best tech news apps to follow up 

1. Feedly

Feedly is a responsive website and application available on the Play Store for free. It picks out specific information and news according to your preferences without having you read everything. Feedly filters out essential insights about your chosen topics from blogs, Twitter, news, and tech sites. It contains research journals, business Tech Publications, leading newspapers, YouTube channels, industry publications, independent bloggers, Twitter feeds, science, and research. You can organize and share updates with your team. Feedly provides you with complete privacy. It also contains a noise filter. It has different applications based on the device, like Feedly for iOS, Feedly for Android, and Feedly for the web. The upgrades include Free Pro and Enterprise. It is the best application to learn about recent technical changes in a quick, highlighted form.


2. Tech crunch

It is an award-winning online newspaper that is the most significant source of technology updates. It delivers the latest spicy technological updates, products, inventions, reviews, news, opinions, and more exciting information about the world of Technology. It is a top-rated app and website, the source of venture, security, AI tools, apps, event, advertisements, Technology, transportation, fintech, media and entertainment, startups, and more. It is a whole deal of valuable information in the least amount of time.

tech crunch

3. Google News

Google news is a product of Google that covers all the relative news worldwide. Most of the updated new section is based on your recent research on Google. It is an easy-to-use app with a quick briefing. It contains an area of the world, local Business, Technology, entertainment, sports Health Sciences, and more. It has a section of the home for you and the following to access the required topic quickly. Its advanced settings consume less time and deliver potential information with few clicks.

google news

4. Flipboard

Flipboard is an exciting app that delivers information about entertainment, lifestyle, Technology, places, food, sports, Social Media & news. It contains different magazines for specific industries. It allows you to subscribe to your chosen Tech magazine to learn more about it. Flipboard holds a productive perspective about opinion as it assists in creating your magazine. It is a crispy combination of trending and branding Technological subjects.  


5. Beebom

Beebom is a technological app specifically. Its information and content are based on technology sectors like news, reviews, gaming, mobile, internet, PC, AI tools, and more. It delivers the information in the form of a report containing 200 words making it easy for the readers. Its content is always on point, with significant highlights about the updates in the technological world. It majorly conveys information about inventions and games. The review blog of Beebom is worth reading. Download it now to have complete access and information about tech.


6. HN-Hacker News Reader 

A hacker news reader is a reliable information resource about Technology and hacking. It represents details and updates in a quick, simple way. The outlook of the app is catchy and pretty. You can switch between stories and comments. Also, you can share articles on other is an open source focusing on its design and usability.


7. Gadgets 360

Gadget 360 is an exciting technology application available on the Play Store with free access. This application is a Jackpot of Gadgets and information updates. It covers the section of mobile, telecommunication, gaming, entertainment, crypto, laptop, tablets, science, and more. It delivers the latest updates in gadgets with its reviews and changes. It also covers trending news and detailed information about upcoming inventions. It is primarily known for its informative range in mobile phones and tablets. Video content is also available on different topics for its users. Please turn on the notifications if they don’t want to miss any updates.

gadgets 360

8. Medium

Medium is an attractive app that covers programming, data science, technology self, improvement, relationships, machine learning, productivity politics, writing, and more is the best reading app and a funny website with interesting and exciting content. It also features an audio function if you don’t want to read. You can hear it and be updated. Medium is a professional platform with several businesses and technology news.


9. Newsy

Newsy is a news app with unlimited information from reliable resources in the form of videos. This app has a range of new sections covering news, science and health, Technology, business, sports, social media, and entertainment, and it covers trending topics. Its content is based on deep learning and the objective story. It is available as Scripps news on Play Store. Its short video news makes it stand out.


10. Drippler

Drippler is one of the best tech news apps for Android. It covers the latest app, reviews, updates, hacks, softwares, AI tools, and more. It allows you to apply filters on your interested topics. All the information and contents are related to reputable websites like CNET and Android Authority. It is a productive app with effortless usage.


Advancement in Technology is impressive, yet understanding and accessing it is challenging. The updates in the apps and software are meant to be more helpful. Therefore following are the exclusive applications to download on your smartphone and tablets and learn about the changes and updates in the world of Technology. The tech clouds are thunder storming with new development making the rounds around the world with a substantial impact on humans. 

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