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In 2024, private space companies in India have taken the center stage in the global aerospace industry. While ISRO has long been a pioneer, the sector is evolving with the emergence of the top 10 private space companies in India. In 2020, Prime Minister Modi’s announcement made huge investment and brought innovation in the private space sector. With missions like Mangalyan, Chandrayan, SSLV, and PSLV, India aspires to join the global space tech leader’s race. The recent Economic Survey of India reports over 100 active space startups, a significant growth from just one in 2012. Read more about how the Indian private space firms are leading the space tech future in 2024.

10 Best Private Space Companies in India

Explore about the leading space companies of India for the year 2024.


1. Pixxel

Pixxel startup was founded in 2019 by Awais Ahmed and Kshitij Khandelwal aiming to revolutionize Earth-imaging with a constellation of tiny satellites. Their startup big investors were Techstars and IvyCap Ventures, getting real-time data for applications in agriculture, mining, and urban planning.

 private space companies in India

Pixxel’s satellites were installed with hyperspectral sensors, including ‘Shakuntala’ that monitor critical factors like crop health, deforestation, and climate change. Pixxel is one of the leading India’s space tech with over $36 million in funding and a user-friendly data platform.

2. Skyroot Aerospace

Skyroot Aerospace was started in 2018 and partnered with ISRO to develop cost-efficient, non-reusable rockets like the Vikram series, specializing in small satellite launches. Their rockets specialty is that it requires minimal infrastructure and offer a rapid launch turnaround.

top privat space company in india

In November 2022, they achieved a significant milestone by launching Vikram-S, India’s first privately manufactured rocket. Skyroot Aerospace aims to make smooth and frequent launches to space.

3. Bellatrix Aerospace

Bellatrix Aerospace was founded in 2015, focuses on research and development (R&D) and orbital maneuvering. They developed the Hall effect thruster, which reduces dependence on traditional fuels. Bellatrix’s collaboration with Skyroot and developed an innovative Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV) that can access to challenging orbits. Their Aeon engines and unique propulsion methods make them a promising player among private space agencies in India.

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4. Dhruva Space

Dhruva Space firm was established in 2012 by Sanjay Srikanth Nekkanti that aims to offer comprehensive space engineering solutions. They develop small satellites for commercial, governmental, and academic markets, providing modular and customizable satellite platforms.

 private space company in India

Dhruva Space’s expertise extends across launch, space, and ground segments, making them a key player in India’s growing space technology sector. They have a history of successful missions and collaborations with other space companies.

5. Astrome Technologies

Astrome Technologies is one of the best private space companies. It was founded by Neha Satak and Prasad HL Bhat in 2018 and focuses on improving internet accessibility and affordability in developing nations. Their SpaceNet technology increases satellite data capacity, offering internet speeds up to 400 Mbps. This Astrome’s innovation aims to bridge the digital gap among communities with no access to internet.

Astrome private space company in India

With hardware advancements in phased array antennas and software innovations in beam-forming and beam-steering, they’re pioneering the next generation of Millimeter-Wave Wireless solutions. Astrome Technologies got more than $10 million in funding from investors, including Sequoia Capital India and Accel Partners.

6. Agnikul Cosmos

Agnikul is an Indian startup established in 2016 planning to create a versatile rocket, called Agnibaan. The rocket with the ability to rearrange its payload and can carry loads ranging from 25 to 100 kg using four to seven engines.

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Agnikul’s this approach simplifies satellite launches, and their Agnite engines are entirely 3D-printed. They inaugurated India’s first private launchpad and have an MoU with ISRO. The company is led by Srinath Ravichandran and Moin SPM, aims to make space more accessible and has raised $34.8 million in funding.

7. Vestaspace Technologies

Vestaspace Technologies is among the top private space companies of India situated in Pune and founded by Arun Kumar Sureban in 2018. The startup specializes in tiny satellite systems for various purposes. They also develop mission management and monitoring software and have launched a constellation of nano-satellites into low-Earth orbit. The company offers radio-based surveillance, communication services, and wireless connectivity for IoT applications.

 private space companies in India

8. Aadyah Aerospace

Shaju Stephen established Aadyah Aerospace in 2016 and headquartered it in Bengaluru. The startup focuses on aeronautics, space, and defense engineering solutions. They integrate AI into computer vision, communication, and motion control. Aadyah Aerospace specializes in self-designed satellites, launch vehicle subsystems, and drones.

 private space companies in India

Notably, the company has developed a cube set dispenser for secure satellite launches. Within a year, they secured $6.12 million in funding from the Keiretsu Forum.

9. Vasundhara Geo Technologies

Aditya Tekale founded the startup in 2017. It specializes in data mining, acquiring and analyzing data from satellites, aerial platforms, and field sensors. Their unique deep learning algorithms efficiently handle complex datasets, serving various sectors like agriculture, the environment, defense, and urban development. With a skilled team, they provide specific solutions for their clients.

Famous private space company in India

10. SatSure

SatSure space tech startup established in 2017 that uses satellite data to offer “decision intelligence” services, focusing on the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), agriculture, and infrastructure sectors. Their goal is to make space data accessible to everyone, and they have a SaaS product that allows financial institutions to provide instant credit to farmers.

Recently, they secured $20 million in funding from major banks like ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and HDFC. With this support, SatSure plans to launch four high-resolution data-producing satellites by 2024.

Best private space companies in India

These are the top 10 private space companies in India that are leading a transformative wave in the country’s space technology. Pixxel, Skyroot Aerospace, Bellatrix Aerospace, Dhruva Space, and more are bringing innovation and improving this sector. With support from the government and investment, they’re making smooth, frequent, and technologically advanced landings on space a reality.  The future holds great promise for the collaboration between public and private space agencies in India, making India a space tech leader.

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