Pharma Companies in Pakistan in 2024 (Updated List)

Are you looking for local, small, and midsize pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan?

Pharma companies in Pakistan do an outstanding job of treating sick people. They contribute around 1% of GDP with progressive medicine production. Pharma companies are putting all their efforts into producing qualitative and effective medicines to overcome new diseases and infections. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest contributors to the country’s economy. Achieving billions of dollars in revenue annually.

List of 10 Leading Pharma companies in Pakistan for 2024

    1. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
    2. Getz Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
    3. Abbott Laboratories, Pakistan.
    4. Halton Pharma Company Ltd.
    5. Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company.
    6. Bayer Pharmaceutical Company.
    7. Semi Pharmaceutical Company 
    8. Wyeth Pharmacy Pakistan Ltd.
    9. Searle Company Pakistan 
    10. Ferozsons Pharmaceutical company

1. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

GSK Pakistan is a leading pharmaceutical company with multiple laboratories. It is a global bio-pharma company discovering ways to unite technology and health. It mainly works in general medicine, specialty medicine and vaccines. GSK has been serving Pakistan for decades and will continue to fight effectively against diseases and illness.


2. Getz Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

Getz Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. is one of the best Pharma companies in Pakistan with a global presence. It has effective and advanced medicines to improve quality of life and health. It’s the only company in Pakistan approved by the World Health Organization in terms of manufacturing facilities.


It is currently operating in more than 25 countries around the globe. It produces medicines by generic and therapeutic segment approach.

3. Abbott Laboratories, Pakistan

Abbott is one of the most popular pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. It envisions unlocking new solutions to keep human lives healthy. It works on the grounds of diabetes care, diagnosis, nutrition and pharmaceuticals. Its outcome is based on detailed research and innovative technology.


Abbott produces medicines involving pain relief, mental health, heart health, women’s health, gastroenterological health, digestive health, Vimpat, digestive health and more.

4. Hilton Pharma Company Ltd

Hilton Pharma Company is the fastest-growing pharmaceutical company in Pakistan. It prefers research-based pharmaceutical products for humans and animals. Qualitative manufacturing, effective medicine and a healthy life are the motives of Hilton Pharma. The human range of products includes anti-diabetics, anti-fibrinolytics, anti-gout, pain management, multivitamins, hepatology, hemostatoma, fertility, gastroenterology, the central nervous system, and more.


5. Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company

It is one of the most trusted top pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, as it is a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. Pfizer Pakistan is working innovatively to generate the quickest solution to make patients healthy. It is a manufacturing company that makes tablets, vacancies, pills, sterile injections, capsules, semi-solids, syrups and more. It envisions a healthy Pakistan with upgraded medical technology.


6. Bayer Pharmaceutical Company

It is one of the most famous Top Pharma companies in Pakistan, with the latest medical research and approaches to make human life better in the technological world through medicines and vitamins. It covers personal health and pharmaceuticals in major. A few of its pharmaceutical medicines are Adalat, Aspirin, Ciprobay, Eylea, Jivi, Levitra, Qlaira, Stivarga and more. It also manufactures products related to crops. 


7. Sami Pharmaceutical Company

Sami Pharmaceutical Company is the right choice to trust with your health. It is Pakistan’s second-largest pharmaceutical company, serving humanity. The products relate to supplements, anti-infectives, anti-diabetic, anti-asthamtic, tranquilizers, urologicals, laxatives, antoprotozoals, and more. Semi Pharmaceutical Company offers outstanding manufacturing quality, including a cGMP facility, a cephalosporin facility, a biotech facility, and a quality control laboratory.


8. Wyeth Pakistan Ltd

Wyeth Pakistan Limited is enlisted among the well-known top pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan in 2024. and deals with pharmaceutical product sales, imports, marketing and distribution. Pfizer, Inc. is the parent company of Wyeth. It works with a vision of “leading the way to a healthier world. Wyeth Pakistan ensures a standard of living with advanced care and treatments to cure diseases and disorders.


9. Searle Company, Pakistan 

Searle Company Pakistan is a famous pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, with multiple laboratories and plants in Karachi. It has a range of products, including pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, nutrition, medical devices, disposables, and more.


Searle Company Pakistan focuses on patients’ health and life stability and works to bring safer and more effective therapeutics to treat multiple life-threatening disorders. 

10. Ferozsons Pharmaceutical Company

Ferozsons Laboratories is one of the oldest yet trusted pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. Its business area covers manufacturing medicines, imports and sales of pharmaceutical products. Ferozsons Pharmaceutical Company developed a major healthcare solution for longer and healthier lives. The product portfolio relies on Pharma OTC and medical technology. 


Pakistan has top pharmaceutical companies with strong vision and excellent manufacturing plants. They make sure to provide the latest and most quick health solutions to cure sickness and illness. Pharma companies in Pakistan are working innovatively to bring transformation to the medical sciences through technology. 

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