Zoom Adopts Microsoft Teams’ AI Feature Close Now

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Zoom Adopts Microsoft Teams’ AI Feature for Enhanced Online Meetings

Dynamic new AI features have been introduced by Zoom for Zoom IQ, its AI-powered smart companion.

The first is the Meeting Summary Feature, which allows users to swiftly summarize Zoom Meetings without the hassle of recording them.

The platform aims to save Meeting hosts valuable time by leveraging the power of large language models (LLMs) that generates automated summaries while facilitating the sharing of meeting highlights to both attendees and absentees.

Second is Team Chat Compose Feature, enabling users to utilize an AI-powered generative model to draft messages within Zoom Team Chat.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology powers this feature and provides options to modify the tone, length, and rephrase responses for personalized text recommendations.

Zoom Chief Product Officer Smita Hashim expressed her excitement about these new capabilities in Zoom IQ, emphasizing how they have been strategically designed to promote team collaboration and enhance productivity in their day-to-day tasks.

Both features are available for free trials to eligible customers, showcasing Zoom’s commitment to enhancing team collaboration and productivity.

Zoom also revealed upcoming generative AI-powered features, including email content drafting, Team Chat thread summarization, idea organization, and whiteboard content drafting.

These enhancements aim to further assist Zoom customers and users by leveraging Zoom IQ capabilities.