YouTube Updated 1080p Playback Close Now

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YouTube Updated 1080p Playback for Premium Users – No Data Drain

YouTube is set to introduce a new feature for its premium users that could enhance their viewing experience. If you’re a Premium subscriber, you might notice a fresh option in the resolution menu on YouTube’s website.

This new feature offers an “enhanced bitrate” version of 1080p playback, which can provide better video quality without increasing the resolution. It means you can enjoy improved visuals without straining your internet connection or using excessive data.

This option gives you more information per pixel, resulting in a higher-quality picture. It’s placed above the regular 1080p choice in the menu. If you click on it and are not a Premium subscriber, YouTube will prompt you to consider subscribing.

While some videos are available in 4K, this option allows for better quality without needing a larger file size that could impact your data usage or connection speed.

YouTube tested this feature and introduced it on iOS a few months ago. Now, it’s being made more widely available. Keep in mind that YouTube recently adjusted the prices for its Premium subscription, but it offers benefits beyond just the enhanced 1080p option.

Along with an ad-free experience, subscribers can enjoy offline viewing and background playback features. So, if you want to elevate your video-watching experience, the new enhanced 1080p option might be worth considering as part of your YouTube Premium subscription.