YouTube Reportedly Down for Hours Close Now

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YouTube Reportedly Down for Hours

The popular video streaming app, YouTube, faced a global outage today.

According to a Down-detector service that monitors all significant outages globally, millions of YouTube users worldwide are reportedly having trouble accessing the video streaming platform.

According to user complaints, YouTube has been experiencing this outage issue since 9:17 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

The Down-Detector firm tweeted, “If you’re experiencing issues in YouTube, you may visit our official website #Youtubedown.”

Then all YouTube users use Twitter to voice their complaints about the outage. Around 5:30 this morning, 11 April, the platform started facing problems. The cause of the outage is still a mystery.

A recent email phishing scheme prompted YouTube to alert its users. To warn users of an ongoing email phishing scam, the well-known video streaming service tweets.

It stated that “there have been complaints of phishing attacks from someone viva sending mails from the email address of If you get this email, please take care and don’t download or view any files.”

The bogus email includes a video link with the phrase “Check the description,” which claims to provide details on YouTube policy changes.

The ultimate goal of phishing is to gain access to reputable organizations’ websites and users’ data.