YouTube Music auto-downloads the Android User’s Close Now

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YouTube Music auto-downloads

 the Android User’s Favorite Music

Sometimes we faced many difficulties downloading our favorite music as we needed help finding the exact one.

But Thanks to YouTube’s new function enabling android users to download recently played songs on YouTube, Music is turned on by default.

The auto-download feature spotted a few TOI-Gadgets team members and 9to5Google, which can be seen in the setting option > Downloads and storage menu. But sadly, only YouTube Music Premium members can access the functionality.

According to this feature description, up to 200 recently played songs will be automatically downloaded. There will be no playlist for recently played music in the library tab.

If you’re a YouTube premium user and while using the ‘Downloads’ app shortcut by long-pressing the home screen icon” Then you will discover new songs in the playlist that you never listen to before.

In February 2023, this feature was mentioned in YouTube Music, while it was introduced in the mid of January and is now being made available to a more extensive android user. However, the auto-download feature is yet to be introduced for YouTube Music on iOS.

In contrast to ‘Smart Downloads, ‘ the new functionality can go up to 500 songs and is based on music that the app determines to be “favorites” and allows users to listen to music even without an internet connection.