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Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 review: Good performance, 5G connectivity


It is believed that the Redmi Note series is so well-known in India that it is likely that you or someone near has owned one. When the series launched in India it took the world by stormwith features that were not available at the price. Since then, eleven iterations have taken place and the series’ popularity isn’t going to fade away. It’s time to get the annual refresh. It’s time to refresh the Redmi Note 12 starts at the price of Rs 17,999 and it’s more expensive Redmi Note compared to what we’ve seen before. However, there are some improvements. It was among the first devices to come on the market using its Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 chip. It’s now 5G ready also and appears notably different when compared to older Notes. I’ve been using it for a week for my daily use, and here’s a review.

Redmi Note 12 Review: Style and display

It seems that the Redmi Note 12 seems to be a departure from the standard design language that we’ve come think of as these Notes (or at the very least, the camera module). The Redmi Note 11 had an all-black camera module that was packed with lens, this model is more minimalist with a simpler camera module. The camera island is glossy and is atop the matte rear panel that reminded me of the handsets from Realme.

I’ve got the ‘Mystique Blue’ color to test that is attractive. The glossy finish is less noticeable and helps with smudges, but does not completely eliminate them. The phone doesn’t weigh much and is quite slim. There are no squared-off edges, which improves the grip. It is recommended to use the phone without the cover since the plastic shell the scratches easily. No Gorilla Glass here.

It’s the Redmi Note 12 gets a 6.67-inch AMOLED display this year. This is it’s a substantial increase in size over the previous calendar year’s 6.43 inches. The display’s quality is almost identical when compared to Xiaomi’s lower-end products with outstanding color accuracy and good sunlight visibility. A majority of users will like the default color settings however, in the rare occasion that you feel it’s too dull, it is possible to change into the “Saturated” setting in your display options. Widevine L1 supports it and allows you to enjoy the full HD content the way it’s intended to be. This refresh frequency is set at 60Hz, however it can be increased to 120Hz for a silky smooth scrolling.

Redmi Note 12 review: Performance & Software

Its Redmi Note 12 features the Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 processor. It is able to handle everyday tasks. There was a time that MIUI was not optimized for low-end devices however, that appears to be over. The throttle was not present during a test of 20 minutes and I’m sure it’s possible that SD 4 Gen 1 can keep up the speed of its CPU for much longer than the previous. Also, there’s no heating during prolonged gaming, though it’s difficult to test this thoroughly during Delhi’s winter weather. But don’t be expecting the best graphics in games as the 4 Gen 1 is a low-cost chip. When playing the game PUBG New State I noticed that the graphics continued to be changed to “Lite” as I switched up to 60 FPS.

The speakers have a flat audio sound that is typical at this price. They’re not exceptional but they do can do the job and are fairly sounding. I was able to hear the highest volume when connecting Note 12 to my Note 12 with my Nothing Ear 1 was significantly less than usual, so this is something that needs to be fixed.

Redmi Note 12 Review: Connectivity, Battery, and Battery

I tried two SIMs on the Redmi Note 12 – Jio and Airtel Both of them were 5G-capable. Yes it is true that the Snapdragon 4 Generation 1 has 5G capabilities. Websites load fast as well as download speed is incredibly rapid. I was able to get as high as 200mbps across the city. The speed test meter even crossed the 500mbps mark once but only for a short time. The 5G modem that is integrated on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 4 Generation 1 phone is a battery-efficient device because the battery usage difference during switching between 5G and 4G was minimal.

However, it’s hard to quantify the effect of 5G on battery as the drain on batteries is that high even without the. In my case, I’m a huge smartphone user, but phones are still able to last for a whole all day. However, my Redmi Note 12 gave up in a bit less time even with a 5000mAh battery that’s onboard. The issue was only apparent after I plugged my SIM in there was no indication that two 5G networks are too much for phones. However, Xiaomi likes to roll out lots of optimization-related updates in the event of an issue that is widespread, it will be resolved shortly.

Redmi Note 12 Review: Cameras

The Redmi Note 12 packs a 48MP rear-facing camera that is supported by an ultrawide lens of 8MP, as well as a 2MP macro. It’s hard to make high expectationsconsidering the cost of the phone, but the cameras can get the job done. Nothing more, and nothing less. Photos taken in daylight have a decent amount of clarity, and they even let you zoom to a small amount without sacrificing any detail.