WWDC Launches macOS Sonoma Enhanced Close Now

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WWDC Launches macOS Sonoma: Enhanced Safari, Gaming Mode, and More

Apple is set to release the next version of macOS, named macOS Sonoma, later this year. Enhancing user experience on Mac computers via introducing exciting new features.

One of the notable additions is an enhanced Widgets experience, allowing users to customize their Mac desktop with various widgets for providing useful information or quick access to favorite apps, adding a personal touch to the desktop.

macOS Sonoma also introduces Game mode, designed to optimize CPU and GPU performance and prioritize gaming. This mode enhances the gaming experience by doubling the latency levels for AirPods and popular third-party gaming controllers, such as those from Xbox and Sony PlayStation.

Furthermore, users can enjoy a new screensaver experience on macOS Sonoma, similar to Apple TV.

Apple has also introduced new tools for video calls on macOS. Users can customize and enhance the visual experience on video calls with small or large overlays and new video effects. These features are compatible with popular platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, Webex, and other third-party apps.

Safari, the default web browser, now includes enhanced features to improve privacy. It can lock browser windows in private mode, block trackers from loading, and remove URL trackers, ensuring a more secure browsing experience.

Another exciting feature is Passkeys for MacBook users, providing a secure and convenient way to access websites and online services. Users can also create different profiles, such as Work and Personal, for a seamless transition.

In conclusion, macOS Sonoma offers a range of exciting features, including enhanced Widgets, Game mode, improved screensavers, video call tools, privacy enhancements in Safari, Passkeys, profiles, and the ability to create Web Apps for convenient website access.