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World’s Largest Cruise ship with an advanced waste recycling system.

Familiar to luxurious cruises produce tons of waste in the middle of the sea, but no garbage truck can come to pick up waste on the land. So, the ocean is the only option left for them.

In 2018, the world’s largest cruise ship ‘Symphony of the Seas’ was made. This Royal Caribbean cruise is 1,188 feet long and has a total weight of 228,081 tons Waste disposal has been a significant issue faced by every cruise for many years. In 2016, Princess Cruise had a penalty of $40 million for being guilty of illegally dumping oil waste products into the sea. In 2019, Carnival Cruise had a penalty of $20 million for dumping plastic waste and violating other environmental laws. 

After such situations, Cruise lines begin designing waste management systems for garbage and wastewater. The ‘Symphony of the Seas’ is a “zero landfill ship,” as it houses a high-tech waste
management system for recycling garbage and wastewater.

It has a 2,200 crew, separating plastic, paper, and 13,000 pounds of glass on a colour basis per week and has 36 kitchens, each with a suction drain.According to the ‘Carnival Cruise Lines waste management guidelines, the everyday food waste is sent to a pulper for size reduction up to 25 mm and discharged into the sea no less than 12 miles from shore, or food waste is incinerated at the bottom of the ship.

Cardboard, aluminium cans, and about 528 gallons of water bottles per week are sent to the bailer to reduce volume and shape them into cubes. Aluminium cans cubes are stored in refrigerators for a week to maintain an atheistic atmosphere of the ship.

Also, the wastewater from toilets, kitchens, and laundries is treated in a water purification system to achieve the United States federal standard before dumping into the sea.