WhatsApp New Security Center: What Users Need Close Now

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WhatsApp New Security Center: What Users Need to Know

A new feature called “Security Centre” has been added to WhatsApp to improve global user security. Read out to learn valuable information about privacy settings, product features, and tips to gain better control over accounts.

The security feature aims to protect users from spam messages, unwanted contact, and scams to safeguard their accounts and prevent financial losses from fraudulent job offers.

The feature is offered in English and ten Indian languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Punjabi, for easier understanding.

This initiative is due to the increasing number of spam calls and messages, particularly from unknown international numbers, that some Indian WhatsApp users have been experiencing.

In response to concerns raised by the IT minister, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Ministry will notify the parent company of WhatsApp, Meta, regarding the increase in international scam calls.

After acknowledging the problem, WhatsApp has improved its AI and ML capabilities to quickly identify and limit fraudulent incidents after acknowledging the problem. The company focuses on reducing fraudulent calls by at least 50%.

WhatsApp emphasizes its dedication to user privacy and security and fully supports measures made by the government to guarantee user safety. Users are advised to block and report suspicious accounts if they receive scam calls or messages from unknown numbers.

Through initiatives like “Stay Safe with WhatsApp” in India, WhatsApp has been actively marketing its security features and informing users about tools like Two-Step Verification, Block and Report, and Privacy settings.