WhatsApp is getting Truecaller for Spam Close Now

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WhatsApp is getting Truecaller for Spam Calls Detection

WhatsApp scam calls are one of the top issues and have been on the rise in countries globally. Telemarketers and hackers frequently use the app to defraud the trusting users of the service.

A global partnership has been launched between WhatsApp and Truecaller, a Swedish-based caller identification service. Soon WhatsApp and other messaging apps will include Truecaller service.

According to Truecaller Chief Executive Alan Mamedi, the service is now going through beta testing and will be made available to consumers globally later this month (May).

The tool would assist WhatsApp users in identifying suspected spam calls over the internet for audio and video calls.

Truecaller has only been able to identify calls that users received through their telecom service and not for those calls made over the internet using third-party apps like WhatsApp and Signal.

A month ago, there was a sharp increase in WhatsApp spam, and fraud calls made from international numbers were reported.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide. The business claims that it utilizes spam detection technology to identify and deal with accounts behaving strangely, allowing users to block and report these problematic accounts.