WhatsApp Debuts Screen-Sharing Close Now

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WhatsApp Debuts Screen-Sharing Feature for iPhone Users

According to a report, WhatsApp has expanded its screen-sharing feature from Windows to iPhone users.

The functionality to share screens during video calls is now being rolled out for iOS beta testers who have installed the latest WhatsApp beta version (

Once enabled, a new icon appears at the bottom of the video call interface, allowing users to share their screen content with all participants. It includes notifications and other elements visible on the screen, which are recorded and remotely shared with connected individuals during the call.

Users have complete control over this feature, with the ability to stop sharing their screen anytime. Furthermore, the screen-sharing functionality is activated only with the user’s consent to ensure privacy and control over the shared content.

In addition to screen-sharing, WhatsApp has introduced a “Call back” button to enhance missed call notifications. When a call is unanswered, the event message displays the “Call back” button, enabling users to return the missed call with a single tap quickly.

These recent updates from WhatsApp enhance the user experience by providing the convenience of screen-sharing during video calls and simplifying the process of responding to missed calls.

Users can engage in more interactive and collaborative conversations while staying connected on the platform.