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Webb Telescope discovered The Sparkler Galaxy

We being humans on earth planet comes in the milky way galaxy. Researchers have captured its current view, but now they’re moving forward to learn about the growing details of our universe.

Recently the data received from the James Webb Space Telescope intends to provide the milky way galaxy view during its evolution as years pass.

The Webb data discovered a galaxy known as The Sparkler, similar to the Milky Way galaxy in its early stage when it had fewer globular clusters and less mass. 

The oldest galaxy in the cosmos is our galaxy which is 13.8 billion years old. During this period, The Milky Way has grown as new stars have been born, with a current mass of around 1.5 trillion times that of the sun. Also, it contains about 200 massive star clusters.

However, The Sparkler galaxy comprises only 24 globular clusters and has 3% of the Milky Way’s mass.

And according to prediction, the sparkler galaxy mass will match the weight of the milky way as it devours (eating) surrounding satellite galaxies and globular clusters. We will be witnessing the dwarf galaxy formed by the sparkler galaxy, which is expanding its mass.

We will not be able to see the Sparkler Galaxy as it is so far away that it will take billions of years to reach its light to us. Therefore, researchers have been trying to get a better look at this galaxy by using the Gravitational lensing method. It allows them to observe the sparkler galaxy, which appeared roughly 9 billion years ago.