Webb Space Telescope Close Now

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Webb Telescope experience Software glitch.

NASA reports Webb Space Telescope Near Infrared Imager and Slitless aren’t operational for science activities due to a software glitch at the start of the month. This problem was identified on January 15, when a communication gap within the instrument led its flight software to time out. Any equipment operating in space must require “Flight software” since it controls a wide range of activities of given spacecraft, such as orientation, gathering data, communications, and thermal control.

Flight software timing wouldn’t result in spin out of actual position or experience disasters except for the impact on scientific observations that would be rescheduled. A year ago, the Webb telescope finished its million-mile trek to L2, the region of space from where it also captures some apparent photographs of the cosmos.

Webb telescope’s journey of $10 billion was challenging even though its scientific equipment was successfully implemented. In May, the optical telescope was damaged by a micrometeoroid, and despite this, its performance was good enough as needed.

Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) faced some software glitches that stopped Webb operations from August to November. In December, an issue was met by the telescope’s attitude control, which controls its point in a particular director.  In short, NASA must handle software-related problems from the ground, and future space observatories may be improved with robotic servicing.