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Latest Water Management Technology in 2023


Irrigation is an essential method of providing water to dry areas which usually do not receive enough rainfall to allow them to be arable. But, despite being an important aspect of modern farming however, many farmers continue to irrigate their fields using a lot of water in the same manner that it was done by the Mesopotamians did more than four thousand years ago.

In addition to wasting more than two-thirds of the waterused, flood irrigation could also cause overwatering of plants, impacting their growth. It can also transport excess fertilizers into the lakes and streams as well as contaminating freshwater sources.

Innovation and technological advancements in agriculture provide farmers with more sustainable methods of providing enough water to their plants. For example, N-Drip, micro drip irrigation lets water slowly flow to the plant’s roots, thereby creating the ideal conditions for crops to flourish. The technology can reduce water consumption by as much as 50percent and enhances the quality of the crop.