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UV Lamp possess risk: Dermatologist recommends use of sunscreen

According to a certified dermatologist, Dr. Melissa Piliang, women love to have artificial gel nails in which a UV lamp is used to dry them, but none of them know the level of risk
their skin is being exposed, and they can have long-term effects. A teenager will carry those effects with him into adulthood

Exposing your skin to ultraviolet light from the sun or tanning beds tool harms the skin cells and increases the risk of cancer, immature DNA, and premature aging signs.

For manicure jel nails, the client’s hands are placed below the UV lamp for roughly 10 minutes, which triggers a chemical reaction to dry the gel. Usually, people use a fan to dry
it. Recent studies show that UV lamps used for gel manicures can damage DNA after 20 minutes of exposure consecutively for three days.

Dr. piliang said the research findings didn’t amaze him as skin cells are harmed by exposure to ultraviolet rays. So, they could consider the different skin layers that provide a shield
from UV harm.

She advised applying sunscreen on hands or wearing fingerless gloves to protect from UV rays. Also, sunscreen with a physical barrier (made-up of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide)
is more effective as it blocks the penetration of UV rays into the skin. In comparison, sunscreen with a chemical barrier absorbs light from the sun.

The above-given statements are similar for manicures using LED lights, which release fewer UV rays but still possess risk.