US Department of Defense reported the second Chinas Spy balloon. Close Now

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US Department of Defense reported the second ‘China’s Spy balloon

According to the authoritative person of the US Department of Defense, Pentagon, another Chinese spying balloon was seen in Latin America on 3rd February, and Brigadier Ryder refused to provide more information about the second surveillance balloon.

China’s first spy balloon was spotted above the city of Billings, Montana, and close to the Air Force Base of Malmstrom, which has 150 missiles known as Minuteman III.

However, the current balloon is heading towards the east of the country with a massive payload under the aircraft component, and there is no physical or military threat to the US citizens.

As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs China, it is a standard aircraft used for research, mainly for meteorological purposes. But the US Pentagon official, Ryder, claimed it to be a spying balloon. It had breached US airspace and international laws by entering our territory without permission, which is unacceptable.

In 1957, China shot a similar spy balloon with the help of the US navy, which was a weather research tool as reported by the US naval academy. Also, a similar kind of balloon was witnessed during the Trump government.