Upgraded Threads – Web Version Close Now

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Upgraded Threads – Web Version and Search Function Coming Soon

A massive around 80% drop in threads users occurred recently; the main reasons were the app’s early stage and limited features compared to Twitter.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that they are working on improving the app and retaining users. Now Threads users are about to enjoy a much-requested upgrade on the text-based social network—a web version is on the horizon.

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Threads will soon introduce a web version, making it accessible on desktops. Additionally, a proper search function is also in the works.

Though viewing Threads posts on a desktop is currently possible, interaction prompts like a reply, repost, like, and send a redirect to a QR code linking back to the app. The existing search function is limited, only capable of displaying other accounts and unable to search for specific posts.

Threads’ launch by Meta came at a strategic time, capitalizing on discontent among X users due to significant changes in the platform, formerly known as Twitter. The release followed X’s curbing of daily post views in response to data scraping and manipulation concerns, particularly impacting non-paying users initially limited to 600 daily posts.

Threads enjoyed massive initial popularity, amassing 100 million users within a week. However, it was released with features missing, typical of social networks.

Meta assured users that the Threads team was addressing these gaps. Recent weeks have seen the addition of a chronological feed and built-in translations. While Threads’ engagement dipped from its blockbuster debut, these new features might reignite interest among early adopters and encourage active usage.