Updated ChatGPT for iOS: Enhanced Siri

Updated ChatGPT for iOS: Enhanced Siri Close Now

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Updated ChatGPT for iOS: Enhanced Siri and Shortcuts Integration

OpenAI has made exciting updates to its iOS app, offering more convenience and improved features.

One notable update is Shortcuts integration, allowing users to create ChatGPT prompts and establish links between the AI tool and different apps. You can ask ChatGPT to solve a problem or find information and then easily share the response with your friends or save it as a note.

Siri can also access ChatGPT and create these shortcuts, making it even more accessible. However, the app already includes OpenAI Whisper speech recognition for voice input.

Another useful feature is the drag-and-drop functionality. With that, you can now extract messages from the ChatGPT interface and transfer them to other apps, similar to the manual version of Shortcuts.

Choosing between Shortcuts or drag and drop depends on your preference.

Furthermore, OpenAI has improved the iPad experience for ChatGPT users. Previously, the app was optimized only for iPhone-sized displays, but now it takes full advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate, ensuring a smoother and more immersive user experience.

These updates build upon the recent expansion of ChatGPT on Apple’s platforms. Initially launched for US users in the mid of May, the iOS app has since become available in 11 additional countries.

Before these updates, the app offered conversation syncing with computers and access to GPT-4 for its paid subscribers. While OpenAI continues to enhance ChatGPT on Apple devices, Android users will have to wait for the release of an Android app.