Uber and Oracle Cloud Are Now Official Partners Close Now

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Uber and Oracle Cloud Are Now Official Partners

Uber is a platform for people, goods, and other services to move across continents and cities.

Recently Oracle Cloud and Uber signed a seven-year agreement. According to the driver of uber, the collaboration will increase Uber profits by helping it to deliver new products to markets and at different locations.

It can be achieved by moving some of the company’s significant workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). As a result, Uber will modernize its infrastructure.

Uber must focus on its core values and introduce innovative strategies as it expands and enters new markets.

The hurdle that uber faces are the need for more innovative infrastructure and high infrastructure costs. Therefore, this company required a cloud provider to combat these hurdles to promise delivery for customers and create value for shareholders.

Also, the company wants to expand to the ‘go anywhere, get anything’ platform.

Oracle is the perfect fit as it offers the ideal mix of cost, flexibility, performance, and security to support creating new innovative products, provide outstanding customer service, and boost profitability.

Worldwide businesses, governments, and startups are noticing how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure stands out from all others and witnessing Uber’s enhanced performance, security, and financial benefits. 

This agreement also entails that Uber will be the priority of Oracle employees for ridesharing for international and within-the-nation travel.

As the cloud partnership develops, Uber and Oracle will continue introducing innovative new retail and delivery solutions, such as adding customer experiences with last-mile logistics.