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Twitter is generating millions of dollars from the previous ten blocked accounts

We will show you how much common people’s social media accounts are valuable to that firm. As per the report, Twitter is earning millions of dollars from its most infamous user’s banned accounts.

According to recent research from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), the previous 10 banned Twitter accounts generated around $19 million a year in advertising revenue.”

That 10 accounts were banned for posting dangerous conspiracies and offensive information, which were restored during the Elon musk takeover on Twitter. The hatted content was posted for famous charges, including Andrew Tate, Gateway Pundit, and more.

CCDH estimated the public engagement and reach of blocked accounts, and it examined that approximately 10,000 tweets were from these accounts in 47 days during December and January.

In line with their findings, the tweets of these 10 accounts received a total of 54 million impressions per day, and they expected that account would reach around 20 billion images in 365 days of a year.

CCDH also calculates the advertising revenue generated by those impressions is estimated that a single Twitter advertisement with 1,000 impressions generates an average cost of $6.46. And a total annual amount of $19 million is estimated to be caused by advertising revenues from the 10 accounts.