Twitter Admits – Bug Exposed Private Circle Tweets Close Now

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Twitter Admits – Bug Exposed Private Circle Tweets to Public

We all know the Twitter Circle feature in which we choose a few people for our Twitter circle to whom we want to share our thoughts and will be able to respond and engage your circle tweets.

One can add up to people in their Twitter Circle, and an individual Twitter user can create only one Circle.

A glitch in Twitter allowed public users to access Circle tweets, a feature that allows users to send tweets to specific individuals and reliable friends.

The Elon Musk-run business, Twitter, has confirmed that our security team identified and immediately fixed the bug, and we have found its root cause.

After this glitch, several users tweeted that people outside their Circle liked their private tweets.

Other users claimed that their Circle tweets were being seen by people who weren’t even followers. According to some users, Circle tweets appeared in the ‘For You’ timeline but were not in their Circle.

Following the user’s experiment, Twitter sent an email to those who were impacted in which it stated that a security breach that happened in April 2023 may have allowed persons outside of your Twitter Circle to see tweets that were supposed to be visible only to the Circle to which you were posting and assuring them that the security team has resolved the problem.

Still, the number of users impacted by this security breach is unknown.