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Truck Sleeper Cab customization into luxurious tiny home

Have you ever imagined a life of truckers who works for a week day and night, sleep in a confined space of the truck, and rely on restroom stops for meals and showers? However, some companies are introducing innovation in the transport design sector to design long trucks with sleepers that feel like a little home.

Since 2001, ARI Legacy Sleepers has been producing comfortable tiny homes for long truckers. And this time, they have introduced sleeper cabs with attached baths, a kitchen, a TV launch, and more facilities.

The best thing about this model is it can be customized according to customer needs and budgets from floor to top plan. Like they have a choice to choose a variety of sizes, tile work, appliances, gaming stations, and sound systems.

Let’s look at some unique features and facilities of ARI Legacy Sleepers.

It allows clients to choose a floor plan from 14 designs and eight sizes. For the kitchen, customers can choose cooking appliances, stove, and their choice tile work for the kitchen and shower. ARI also added a spa tub under the bed and a motorbike garage with a lift to get it out from the truck.

This comfort costs about $85,000 for a small and basic customization and can cost more than $200,000 for a luxurious and well-decorated setup.