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Trending Self-adjustable Tripod Stand.

The tripod allows photographers to capture and record memories at a suitable angle with adjustable legs. Still, it is difficult to adjust so well at the same point, especially on uneven ground.

Soon Benro will launch the “world’s first Self-adjustable tripod,” which houses self-adjusting legs to level itself at ideal points for photographers to capture perfect shots.

Benro needs to reveal detailed features of the self-powered tripod stand. But manual modifications will also be available with additional fall safety. If any tripod’s leg segment is forgotten to be locked, then the powered system will automatically lock them in a proper place so that it can adjust itself and protects the attached camera from a dangerous fall.

Benro theta tripod comprises lightweight carbon fibers with an aluminum ball attached on top for further camera adjustments. Also, several modules are connected to the tripod’s central column, which enhances its productivity includes Battery that powers the auto-adjusting system, a GoLive system for live streaming, a camera control system that provides a wireless connection to the smartphone app, an Optical Matrix Sensor which will detect surrounding lightning status and modify camera settings.

The tripod will be launched this month and available in two versions, a lightweight tripod with a 2.9 lb. weight and costs $349. Another version, Theta max, comes up with a 3.3 lb. weight and costs $399.