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Torch Introduces Solar-Powered Outdoor Sensors for Early Detection of Wildfires

when we’re away from our homes. We always think of it that nothing incidental happened.

You can have peace of mind when you’re away from home by buying the “Nest Protect smoke, and CO alarm, ” which can sense, speak and alert the house owner on the Nest App installed on the user’s cellphone.

Such technologies have reduced the chances of indoor fire, but according to data, outdoor fire and wildfires continued to grow around 30% each year due to climate change and other factors.

Torch company, founded in 2020, brings up the solution to this problem.

The firm is the first to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor fire detection by introducing low-cost Solar-powered sensors and a mobile app with new IOT and AI technology to save lives impacted by outdoor fires and wildfires.

The complete outdoor fire detection system with various sensors capable of assessing visual, thermal, and gas characteristics costs $299. It can be attached to the tree, providing early outdoor detection for up to 10 acres of area coverage.

Th solar-powered sensor continuously checks an outdoor space for any symptoms of fire. In contrast, the smartphone app will instantly alert customers regarding fires on their property, neighbourhood, and community.

The devices communicate via radio signals, allowing users to connect hundreds of devices to a single Wi-Fi gateway. Currently, the device’s major drawback is power limitation as it is solar-powered and too many functions drain the battery quickly.