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5 Top WhatsApp Safety Features Everyone must use

The worldwide popular messaging and calling service, WhatsApp, is owned by Meta. Meta is constantly working on adding more layers of protection in WhatsApp
to ensure its online users’ safety. We will let you know about the top five security elements that make the WhatsApp app a safe combination tool

1. End-to-End encryption

By starting this feature, no one can, or even WhatsApp can’t access, your exchange data like messages, images, voice recordings, videos,
etc. also, users can protect their chats backup by using a password or a 64-digit encryption key.

2. View Once

It will allow users to exchange one-time data like pictures and videos without making it a permanent exchange. Also, this feature blocks taking
screenshots during the view once option.

3. Decide your online status

Now, users can decide who can and can’t see their online activity by keeping it private for select people.

4. Message Disappearing

people who want additional privacy can use this option. It will allow one to set a duration of their chat for disappearing, like 24 hours, 7 or 90
days for specific persons or all.

5. Block unwanted accounts

WhatsApp facilitates users by allowing them to block such problematic accounts and report their messages. Also, users can save those
messages for further legal inquiry if required