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Latest Top five TVs for 2023

The upcoming models of smart TVs with organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens, wireless components, and reasonable prices confirm the bright future of TV technology. The top TV models are currently offered at affordable prices due to the sales cycle, as in winter and fall seasons, the retailer drops prices. 

To choose the best TV for your home, refer to our list. 

  1. Roku TV 6-Series

This Tv model has a QLED screen with different sizes ranging from 55-85 inches and excellent image quality. It comes with gaming components, a center stands for the soundbar, an easy operating system, and a resolution of 4k to 8k based on different models of the 6-series.

  1. LG C2 Series 

The LG TV comprises excellent contrast and image quality, angle view, and the best gaming features like PlayStation 5. The C2 is a lightweight TV made-up of 47% carbon fibers and comes in different sizes with varying prices. 

  1. Samsung QN90B

If you’re not a lover of OLED screens, this model is the best fit for you as it has a QLED screen with a brighter, high-quality image. 

  1. Hisense U8H

Hisense U8H is a pocket-friendly model with excellent, bright image quality, 4k resolution, dimming feature, and it gives a pop view for videos and movies. 

  1. Samsung Q60B

Samsung’s most popular TV model is the Q60 series. Its smooth QLED screen stands on top among all other TVs. It comes in various sizes, has a high-quality image, and is the best option to buy if you can’t afford the QN90A model.