Tiny but Mighty: The RG Nano, a Game Boy Close Now

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Tiny but Mighty: The RG Nano, a Game Boy Clone Smaller Than Gum

Anbernic, a Chinese company known for its handheld emulation devices, is taking the trend of miniaturization to new levels with its latest offering, the RG Nano.

This tiny device, smaller than a pack of playing cards, still packs a punch by offering thousands of retro games for users to enjoy. Over the years, Anbernic is now competing with renowned companies like Nintendo to improve its devices’ quality and performance.

Previously, we reviewed the RG35XX, which resembled the classic Game Boy but with a vibrant color screen and the ability to play games from various classic consoles.

The full details and technical specifications of RG Nano are yet to be revealed. However, the company has given us an official glimpse of the RG Nano on its YouTube channel expanding the limits of portable gaming.

The video showcases features: an “offline clock function” for convenience, a microSD card slot, and a media player for high-quality music playback. It has a body made of textured aluminum alloy and is only 2.7 inches tall.

While there is no dedicated headphone jack, it offers a USB-C charging port compatible with USB-C adapter-connected headphones. The RG Nano has a single D-pad, four action buttons, and a pair of shoulder buttons, hinting at its performance potential for at least 16-bit gaming.

The RG Nano’s screen has a close-to-1:1 aspect ratio, which may affect the types of games it can play. It suits games designed for Game Boy, Color, NES, Sega, SNES, and Genesis, developed for older hardware, not for playing Game Boy Advance (GBA) games.

The RG Nano’s pricing has yet to be discovered, but with lower processing power than the RG35XX, it is expected to be priced below $65. This affordability could make it an attractive impulse buy for interested customers.