TikTok’s AI Chatbot: Unlocking Content Discovery Close Now

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TikTok’s AI Chatbot: Unlocking Content Discovery

TikTok is testing a new AI chatbot called Tako, which aims to help users discover and enjoy videos on the platform. Tako can recommend videos and answer questions about the content users are watching.

The chatbot is being tested in the Philippines and is powered by a third-party chat assistant. TikTok plans to make it easier for users to explore entertaining and inspiring content with the help of Tako.

Although still in the early testing phase, the chatbot is already prominently featured in the app, accessible through a shortcut in the main menu.

TikTok is following a similar approach to Snap, which prominently displays its My AI chatbot in its app. However, unlike My AI, TikTok’s Tako is positioned as a tool to discover new content and gain more information about the topics discussed in videos.

Tako encourages users to ask questions and promises to assist them in finding what they’re looking for, as seen in a screenshot of the chat interface.

Apart from Tako, TikTok is also exploring the use of generative AI through AI-generated avatars. Yet, The business has not decided to make this AI-based feature available to more public.

It remains unclear how committed TikTok is to this technology at the moment. In their statement, the company mentioned that they currently have no plans beyond the initial testing phase of Tako.