TikTok Limits its usage for Teens Close Now

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TikTok Limits its usage for Teens

We all worry about today’s generation’s interest and excess use of TikTok.

Don’t be from those who control their kids for how much time they can watch content because it is useless. According to children’s nature, the more you impose restrictions, the more they will break them.

TikTok brings an easy solution to this problem. In upcoming weeks, the short video service will add a new feature to prevent children below 18 from endlessly using TikTok.

All TikTok teen users can use the app for 60 minutes per the set screen time limit. After crossing the limit, the app will be locked automatically and can only be unlocked with a passcode.

The company claims that this strategy will force teen users to decide between watching content, while for children under 13 years, their guardian can set the password.

According to the company, the decision was made by conducting research and a survey of Boston Children’s Hospital and the hospital’s Digital Wellbeing Lab.

The survey data of 1,400 teenagers showed that the TikTok app is the second most used service in the hospital, and around 62% of teens use TikTok, which hinders their sleep time, and 52% said it is hindered by family time.

To divert lawmakers’ pressure to ban TikTok, the company made an effort to limit teen’s screen time as per the claim that the app is threatening children’s privacy and mental health.