TikTok Debuts Text Posts Close Now

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TikTok Debuts Text Posts to Take on Instagram Stories

TikTok, the reigning champion of short videos, is now venturing into the realm of short-form text posts.

The world’s largest social networking platform recently debuted a new text-composition function that lets users share their songs, poetry, stories, and other written self-expression content.

Using this feature is a breeze. Simply head to the app’s Camera page and choose “text.” From there, you can type out anything you wish, add sounds, tag locations, enable comments, and even collaborate with others through Duets.

The firm guarantees that these text updates will be just as engaging and lively as their video and picture counterparts. You can include background colours, hashtags, and stickers to personalise your creations further.

If you’re unsure if you want to share your pizza poem with the world, you can save your text post as a draft for future edits or delete it entirely.

It’s worth noting the resemblance to Instagram Stories’ text-only posts, and it’s not the first time TikTok has drawn inspiration from Instagram and vice versa.

Last year, TikTok integrated static images alongside its short-form videos, initially facing scepticism but gaining popularity. The company is undoubtedly hoping that its vibrant user community will also embrace this text mode.

With this latest addition, TikTok aims to diversify its content and provide users with more creative outlets. Whether through captivating videos, eye-catching photos, or now expressive text posts, the platform continues to evolve, fueling the imagination and creativity of its ever-growing audience.

So, for all aspiring storytellers, poets, and writers, get ready to unleash your words and make your mark on TikTok’s vibrant digital canvas.