Threads Suffers Over 80% Drop in Daily Active Users

Threads Suffers Over 80% Drop in Daily Active Users Close Now

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Threads Suffers Over 80% Drop in Daily Active Users

Who else didn’t hear about the Threads app, designed as a rival to Twitter? But suddenly, a significant decline in user engagement occurred just a month after its launch.

Data from two analysis firms, Similarweb and Sensor Tower, revealed that daily active users dropped drastically. Threads’ daily active users fell from 49 million to about 9.6 million, and the time spent on the app decreased from 14 minutes to just 2.3 minutes.

Sensor Tower reported an 82% decrease in daily active users, going from 44 million to 8 million visitors.

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, mentioned in the company’s Q2 earnings call that they were working on improving the app and retaining users. However, despite Threads initially gaining immense popularity, the sudden decline in users was somewhat expected, considering the app’s early stage and limited features compared to Twitter.

Meta has been trying to enhance Threads by adding requested features, but it still lacks certain elements in the full Twitter experience.

Instagram’s head, Amad Mosseri, mentioned their intent to connect Threads to the decentralized Fediverse, but it remains uncertain whether this will boost the app’s popularity.

Threads aimed to be a more positive alternative to Twitter, downplaying sensitive topics in its algorithmic feed. While it may offer a fun-loving alternative, competition from other platforms like Bluesky could impact its success.

In conclusion, Threads experienced a rapid drop in user engagement despite its initial success, and its future success will depend on how well Meta can improve and enrich the app to attract users back to the platform.