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The original TikTok launched ten years ago today – and Twitter might bring it back


Back on 24 January 2013, a short video app “Vine” was launched that lets users to capture and share short looping videos. There was a period when Instagram had only a few filters and Pinterest was the popular social network. The first and original TikTok was Vine, which vanished with the launch of the app that today has over a billion monthly users. Twitter already acquired Vine before its launch in 2013 as it’s a new way to share videos on social media handles, but then what went wrong? According to Elon Musk’s opinion, maybe Twitter is thinking of reviving the Vine network?

Vine was introduced in a period where getting huge revenue from an app was a mere thought and social media were a new thing at that time and Vine was well ahead. So, it served as the pioneer beginner for TikTok and Instagram Reels and shut down after three years. Vine captured the strange, meme-heavy humor of the early 2010s internet and hinted at unique forms of video art. But TikTok crashed because of its huge likes and users’ engagement.

This 6 second video app was a fruitful combo of its simplicity of recording and automatic looping, user-friendly interface, progress meter (indicate remaining time), a gif-like vibe, and a perfect match for Twitter. The weak point for its demise was not any plan of offering financial incentives to popular users to stick around that platform.