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Tesla Verses Most Popular Electric SUVs in 2023

China is the electric automotive industry giant, and Tesla is the leader in market sales of electric vehicles. Both big manufacturing companies compete in China, but now Tesla is facing challenges in China due to the widespread electric sports utility vehicles (SUVs.).

Even the Tesla Model Y’ was the second best-selling electric vehicle of 2022 in China. We will share with you some of China’s well know electric SUVs and hybrid cars of 2022 that create difficulty for Tesla.

BYD Song:
It sells a dual nature vehicle with hybrid and electric system of ‘Build Your Dreams’ company. BYD is a budget-friendly vehicle with a cost of $53,000 and has 62 miles of electric range.

BYD Yuan Plus:

Also known as Atto 3, with an engine power of 204 HP, it can cover 62 mph in 7.3seconds. It costs around $41,300 in Europe.

BYD Tang:
Tang is the most expensive series of BYD by being luxurious and oversized. It has 300 miles power range a can cover 62 mph in 4.4 seconds. Roughly it costs about $78,000 in Europe.

Aion Y:

Guangzhou Automobile Group manufactures it with a bold look, a giant size, and 379 miles power range.
Neta V:
It houses a 14.6 inches touchscreen LCD, 249 miles of electric range and can cover 31 mph in 4.9 seconds. Tesla was also inspired by its interior wood trim across the dashboard.
Zeekr 001: Zeekr is China’s premium auto industry, and this is its first newly launched model with 62 miles per hour coverage in 3.8 seconds. Also, it does quickly charge. It can add more than 75 miles of range within five minutes plugged in.