Tesla ‘Master Plan 3’ Close Now

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Tesla ‘Master Plan 3’

No people can have an affordable Tesla car model as the company CEO, Elon Musk, will introduce Tesla’s ‘Third Master Plan’ on 1st March at the company’s annual investor day in Austin, automobiles Texas Gigafactory.

Tesla fans expect Elon musk to reveal the plan for how they will build an affordable tesla, and as per his habit, he will make fake promises that don’t turn out as they were planned.

In a tweet Creating the hype for the annual day event, musk states, “the road map of a completely sustainable energy future of Earth will be revealed on 1st March.”

To your knowledge, the previous tesla master plans were two. The first was released in 2006, aiming to build a luxurious electric sportscar and affordable electric vehicles (EV) models.

After 10 years, the second plan, “Part Deux,” was released in 2016, aiming to expand tesla EVs for all transportation categories, including trucks and other heavy vehicles. Also, autonomous EVs will be introduced safer than manual driving.

The exact details of the third master plan can’t be known precisely. Still, according to resources and strong guess, the advanced tesla productive line, 3rd generation EV models, and their financial investment plans will be displayed.

Notice musk’s past year announcements of a $25,000 Model 2 car project with new battery technology to introduce affordable cars and a current cut-off in production prices to boost sales by growing competition.

These last events point out that Tesla’s third Master Plan will have a manufacturing plan for the affordable automobile, manufacturing plant expansion, and an investment plan.