Telegram Debuts ‘Instagram

Telegram Debuts ‘Instagram Close Now

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Telegram Debuts ‘Instagram-Like’ Feature for Premium Users

Similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, Telegram has released a new feature called “Stories” that allows users to publish messages, photographs, or videos that vanish after 24 hours.

However, there’s a catch – this feature is currently available exclusively for Telegram Premium subscribers.

Users have complete control over who may read their content, which makes Telegram Stories stand apart from other platforms. To ensure privacy and customization, they can choose which connections, which group of contacts, or which close friends to share their story with.

Unlike most apps where Stories disappear after 24 hours, Telegram allows users to set the duration of their stories to 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours, giving more flexibility.

Its Premium subscribers can post their own Stories and interact with others by sending reactions and replies, similar to Instagram and Snapchat.

On the other hand, non-Premium users can only view Stories created by Premium subscribers but cannot post their own.

Initially, Telegram was hesitant about integrating Stories, but it became one of the most requested features by users. The company now views it as crucial and can’t imagine the app without it.

Make sure you have the most recent version of the Telegram app from the App Store if you want to test out the new Stories feature. While it’s currently limited to Premium subscribers, there is a possibility that it might become available to all users in the future.