Tech Giants Launch Frontier Close Now

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Tech Giants Launch Frontier Model Forum for Responsible AI

Seven companies committed to the ethical advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, and Anthropic.

They are collaborating to establish the Frontier Model Forum to ensure the appropriate and safe development of frontier AI models.

The most advanced AI systems now outperform existing models in various tasks thanks to frontier models. The forum aims to promote AI safety research, minimize potential risks, and identify best practices for the responsible development of these models.

To promote the responsible development of AI, it also intends to share expertise with academics, policymakers, and the general public.

The businesses see the Frontier Model Forum as an opportunity to utilize their technical expertise to the advantage of the entire AI ecosystem. They want to support industry standards and best practices by advancing technical evaluations, establishing benchmarks, and building a public library of solutions.

The forum model intends to focus on three main topics: creating guardrails to reduce risks associated with AI technology, creating safety standards and evaluations for cutting-edge AI models, and ensuring responsible deployment.

In the coming months, they will form an Advisory Board to guide their strategy and priorities. To foster collaboration, the founding companies plan to consult with civil society and governments soon.